What Is a Street Artist?

The term street artist can mean a number of things. It can refer to a subculture or movement, but it’s much broader than that. It can include anything from graffiti to street art to urban art. Here are some common examples. In this article, I will discuss Lady Pink, Banksy, Skount and Etam Cru.


Banksy is a pseudonymous street artist, political activist, and filmmaker based in England. While his real name remains unknown, speculations about his identity are rampant. His art has been featured in numerous public spaces around the world. The artist’s work is highly controversial and often evocative.

Banksy’s most well-known mural is of a mouse painted on the side of a building in the port city of Calais. It’s a controversial commentary on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Many have compared this image to Picasso’s painting, Guernica, which depicts a stabbed dove to illustrate the violence of war. The Armored Dove is painted with wings open, an olive branch in its beak, and an armored vest. It even has a target pointed at its chest.

Lady Pink

Lady Pink is a street artist known for her unique style and colorful compositions. Her paintings often evoke the beauty and power of flowers. Her work is inspired by nature and the human spirit. She grew up in Ecuador where she owned an aviary. Her paintings blend activism and nature themes in works such as Sisters Oh Sisters, which depicts a blue female figure carrying a child. Her pieces are often accompanied by swirling flower patterns and evocative eyes.

Lady Pink began painting in high school and had her first solo exhibition at age 21. Her prolific work has made her one of the most influential street artists in New York City. Her work has been featured in museums and is sought after by prominent collectors. She also teaches college students in mural workshops.


Street artist Skount draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and combines that with street art. He has exhibited in several countries and enjoys exploring new forms of art. The diversity of his projects is impressive and he aspires to travel to many countries in the future. He plans to visit Greece, South Korea, and Los Angeles in the near future.

The oneiric character masks of Spanish artist Skount have the ability to transport the viewer into dreamscapes. Born in 1985 in Jerez de la Frontera, Skount’s artistic output is multi-faceted and includes work in the street and studio.

Etam Cru

Etam Cru is a duo of Polish street artists. Known for their large building-sized murals, the two artists also create surreal paintings on canvas. Their work combines Eastern European folklore, mythical characters, nature, and animal kingdom with pop surrealist scenes. Their work is unique and exudes sensitivity. Their pieces bring color and life to otherwise drab tower houses and urban environments.

Etam Cru consists of two Polish street artists, Bezt and Sainer. They work together to create large-scale, fantasy-themed murals. Their works are often charged with Eastern European folklore, mysticism, and witty humor. They have completed many works in the United States and Europe.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s iconography uses symbols and images. He was inspired by the letters of artists such as Brion Gysin and William Burroughs. Haring also used words to create headlines, which he attached to lamp posts in Manhattan. His later works often addressed political and societal themes, such as AIDS.

Haring was religious, attending the United Church of God, and raised in a conservative neighborhood. As a child, he developed an interest in drawing cartoons. His father encouraged him to copy cartoons, and he soon began reproducing them on the streets.