What Does a Branding Designer Do?

A branding designer has the creative talent and strategic thinking required to transform your brand into a successful brand identity. They get to the heart of your business and combine your objectives with your target audience to produce a design that will be remembered. The process can be challenging, but the end result is worth it. A branding designer will give your brand an identity that will attract new customers, increase your brand value, and increase sales.

Job duties

A branding designer is a creative professional who works with clients and companies to create brand identities. Their job duties will vary depending on their clients, but they will generally involve identifying the brand’s message, developing marketing tools, and creating content for social media. In some cases, they will even help design a website and its content.

Brand designers must understand the business case and the client’s brief in order to create a cohesive brand perception. They must also be able to collaborate with other departments within a company and with third parties. They should also be able to understand the guidelines of the client’s brand, as well as the needs and requirements of users. Finally, they must be able to take ownership of the creative projects they work on.


As a branding designer, you will work with other professionals to help clients with their brand development and marketing efforts. A good brand designer is someone who is a good team player, and has strong communication and presentation skills. In addition to these skills, you will need to have a keen eye for design and a strong sense of visual composition.

As a branding designer, you will work with a brief provided by the client. This brief will define your role and objectives. Different companies and clients require different things from a brand designer. Some of the duties of a branding designer include identifying the brand message, creating marketing tools, and participating in the design of websites and social media content.


The cost of hiring a branding designer depends on the complexity of the job. The most basic job may be to create a logo, but you may need other elements as well, such as colour palettes and messaging. This can make the job more difficult and require a more experienced designer. The type of company also affects the cost. Some designers specialize in a specific industry, so their fees are likely to be higher than those of other types of companies.

For larger agencies, branding projects can run anywhere from $30,000 to 80,000. The process usually begins with independent research and rounds of feedback, and ends with a visual identity (logo, typeface, color palette, and visual brand attributes). The larger project can also include additional services such as illustration styles, photography styles, iconography, social media visual strategy, and staff training.

Examples of work

If you are looking for a branding designer, it’s important to look at examples of their work. You can use mock projects to showcase their work. But make sure to explain that they are conceptual in nature. Testimonials are also important, either from a previous employer or from someone who has experienced their work ethic. Many brand designers make the mistake of messaging their homepage about themselves instead of the work they have created.

Career path

A career as a branding designer is an exciting and lucrative option. A designer oversees the development of a brand’s identity and identifies and develops strategies to improve it. This position involves creating graphics, logos, and social media campaigns. Many brand designers are also involved in the design of in-store signage. The job description for a brand designer can vary depending on the client.

Those interested in this profession should have a passion for creative design and excellent communication skills. They must have a keen understanding of how to manage a team, develop creative ideas and work collaboratively. They must also possess strong problem-solving abilities and strong analytical and research skills.