Types of Calendar Apps

A calendar app can be a useful tool when you want to keep up with events. It gives you a glance of what you need to do and provides a quick way to add events. There are many different types of calendar apps, so it’s worth trying several. This article will help you find the one that’s right for you.


The Cozi calendar app makes it easy to keep your family’s schedule all in one place. The app allows you to share an event with other family members, add Zoom links to your event details, and make reminders on individual events. With this app, you can also sync your child’s school calendar.

The Cozi calendar app allows you to share your schedule with other family members and friends. You can add photos, videos, and notes to individual entries. Whether it’s a birthday party or a family reunion, you can share the calendar with other people. The app also has a calendar view, a shared to-do list, and Google Chrome integration. The app is available for free, or you can upgrade to the Cozi Gold subscription and access all of its features.

The Cozi calendar app works on all mobile devices and can be shared with other members of your family. Family members can sign in with their email addresses, and each person can access the calendar using a family shared password. You can even create custom views of your calendar based on location, category, and time. You can also customize the calendar to match your tastes. You can share information with other members of your family, and you can invite them directly from the app.

Thunderbird Lightning

Thunderbird Lightning is an integrated calendar app. The app comes with newer Thunderbird versions, and you can also download it from the app repository. To install the app, open Thunderbird and go to the Webmail Calendar section. Choose the calendar URL you want to use, choose a name and favorite color, and assign an email address. After that, click Finish. If you’re using a password manager, you can select the password manager option to add the Lightning extension to your browser.

In Thunderbird Lightning, you can view your calendar for a day, week, or month at a time. To switch between these views, click the arrows on the toolbar. You can also drag the calendar handler down to collapse it or back up to display it.


The 24me calendar app is a productivity app that syncs multiple calendars, to-dos, notes, and other information. The app also syncs with other apps, including your financial accounts and social networks. Its integration with the Apple Watch allows you to make your calendar available wherever you are. The app helps you stay on top of your work and home tasks, and it works across devices. It can also be shared with others to boost productivity.

Another feature of the 24me calendar app is its smart alerts. These alerts can give you reminders about upcoming tasks, reminders of upcoming birthdays, and weather. These features are extremely useful, and make the application an essential part of your daily routine.


Fantastical is a calendar app that allows users to manage multiple calendars in a single app. It also offers an option to import calendars from the iOS system. Once you’ve imported a calendar from the iOS system, Fantastical will automatically add it to your Fantastical calendar app. Additionally, Fantastical allows you to customize the look of your calendar by choosing from five different design options.

The Fantastical calendar app was previously available only for Mac, but it is now available for iOS, Android, and Apple watch. You can set the calendar on one device and view it on another, which is convenient for work schedules. Fantastical also features a feature called “interesting calendars” which lets you add events from outside sources.


The Calendar app by ClickUp is designed to help people manage their tasks and stay productive on the go. It connects to Google Calendar to create events and tasks for you. Each task will be assigned a due date and time, and it will automatically sync with ClickUp. The Calendar app by ClickUp is available for all ClickUp plans.

The ClickUp Calendar gives you an overview of your schedule and gives you the ability to drill down into task details. It also lets you filter tasks based on status and assignee. It also lets you share your calendar with others. And you can drag and drop tasks to schedule them. There are even features to help you schedule tasks without deadlines.