Top 5 Tattoo Artists in Seoul

If you’re planning to get a tattoo in Seoul, there are many choices out there. You might want to visit a shop that has a good reputation for quality work, but you don’t know which artists are trustworthy. We’ve rounded up some recommendations for you.

Kim Do-yoon

Brad Pitt and members of the K-pop group EXO have both undergone tattoos from renowned tattoo artist Kim Do-yoon. The tattoo artist, also known as “Doy,” has a fan base of nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. Kim’s tattoo studio is located in a nondescript building in the city’s north. The shop is small and well-guarded, with blinds rolled during appointment times. The artist is a member of the Union of Korean Tattoo Artists, which represents 650 artists in the country.

Tattoos in South Korea are strictly regulated. Inking a tattoo without a medical license is illegal. In 2017, an alliance of tattoo artists in South Korea called for the reform of the law. This coalition is led by Kim Do-yoon, better known as Doy.


Krystal’s Seoul tattoo shop represents the best of south korean tattoo art. She is a renowned neo-trad tattoo artist who participates in korean tattoo events. Her work is a mix of traditional and modern styles. Many collectors believe that South Korean artists are responsible for the new trends in tattoo art.

The artist works in block shapes and uses vibrant colors and iconic designs to create tattoos that stand out. She also uses traditional Korean painting styles and Japanese anime themes. Many of her tattoos are done in block shapes, without the use of background shading or thick black line work.


Shiryu tattoos are one of the most popular styles of tattoos in Seoul. They are based on traditional Japanese tattoo designs and are usually large and colorful. The artist behind them is known as Kiljun and is the founder of the popular studio Seoul Ink Tattoo. The artist has been tattooing for more than 15 years and specializes in blackwork and classic styles, as well as using bold contrasts.

Tattoo artists in Seoul have their own unique style. Some use traditional Korean painting themes. Others use Japanese anime themes and contemporary colors. Both styles are beautiful, and the prices range from around eight hundred to four thousand dollars.


Banul has a reputation for producing high-quality and realistic tattoos. His unique style is influenced by his korean art background and incorporates flower petals and animals in his designs. His work also features abstract portraits and fine lines throughout the body. His studio in Seoul is rated as one of the best in the city.

Banul’s work is very popular and has over 460k followers on Instagram. She has also opened an online shop with stickers of her designs. She has also collaborated with fellow tattoo artists to create her own account for tiny tattoos, which she calls Tiny Tattoo Instagram. Banul’s tattoo designs are feminine and delicate and use bright colors and beautiful inks. She also uses beautiful, delicate florals and cute animals.

Apro Lee

Apro Lee is a tattoo artist in Seoul. His tattoo designs range from demonic tigers to cartoonish magpies, and are often filled with thick, bold lines and expansive stippling. He also uses graphic dotted and slashed textures. Though tattooing in Korea is still illegal, serious tattoo artists like Lee are actively fighting for their right to practice without fear of persecution.

Apro first decided to become a tattoo artist after serving in the military. He was inspired by a Kurt Cobain portrait that he had seen on the Internet. He had always loved to draw, and found that tattoos were the perfect fit. Because tattooing is illegal in Korea, Apro started tattooing online, and after a few years, he opened his own studio in Brisbane, Australia, where he trained under tattoo artist Matt Cunnington.


If you’re looking for a tattoo in Seoul, you’ve come to the right place. Woo loves to create tattoos that combine graphic and organic elements in a fun way. His work is elegant yet edgy, with a focus on contrasted visual duality. His Instagram feeds feature beautiful tattoos, and you can follow his work for a closer look.

South Korean tattoo artists are renowned for their vivid and iconic tattoo themes. Many of their work is inspired by traditional paintings, as well as Japanese anime themes. They use bright colors and block shapes and avoid the use of heavy shading or thick black line work.


If you’re looking for a unique tattoo in Seoul, you should consider a Hongdam tattoo artist. Their work is minimalist, elegant, and light. They can even work with colors. You can also get a custom design. But you’ll want to make sure to choose a reputable artist.

Hongdam tattoos are delicate and look like sketches. This makes them ideal for cover-ups for old tattoos. Tattoos used to be taboo in South Korea, but Hongdam’s designs have changed public opinion. And with a large Instagram following, Hongdam is setting the standard for other tattoo artists to follow.