Top 5 Places to See on Your Korea Trip

If you’re planning a trip to Korea, you’ll have to decide what to see. Here are some of the top places to see in the country. Don’t miss: Busan, Gyeongju, Donghae, and Seoul! You can also spend a weekend in the country’s countryside.


When planning your Korea trip to Seoul, it’s important to keep safety and security in mind. While the city is not as dangerous as nearby Busan, you still need to watch your bag and avoid flashing cash in crowded areas. You should also bring a travel adapter because not all countries use the same plugs. It is important to know which adapter you need for your trip to Seoul.

Visiting Seoul during spring is a great way to see the cherry blossoms, although it can be hard to pinpoint the exact date when the blossoms are blooming. I’ve personally seen cherry blossoms blooming on my birthday, which is in mid-April. Other flowers that bloom in the spring are tulips and daisies. Remember to pack a jacket or cover up because even in the spring, Seoul can be chilly.


If you want to take a step back in time, you should visit Gyeongju, Korea. The city was once home to aristocratic clans. It was the eastern capital of the Goryeo kingdom, which ruled Korea from 918 CE to 1392 CE. In the 13th century, the area was attacked by the Mongols, and again in the sixteenth century, when the Japanese occupied the city. The Japanese also destroyed the Bulguksa temple in Gyeongju.

There are several places to eat and drink in the city. Hwangnam bread is a famous local specialty, made of sweet red bean paste. You can find it at a variety of shops, including the bus terminal. It’s also worth stopping at Gyeongju Pizza House, which serves the best pizza in Gyeongju. The place also offers a 2 page selection of craft beer, and is located next to Tumuli park.


For visitors who enjoy visiting museums, Busan offers several opportunities. The city is home to the Eulsukdo Museum, which opened its doors in June 2018. The museum’s façade features a Vertical Garden, designed by renowned French architect Patrick Blanc. It aims to create an experimental space where art and nature can co-exist.

There are many great neighborhoods in Busan, so you will want to find a location that offers a wide range of attractions. For example, Seomyeon is centrally located, and is close to the Busan Station.


Donghae is a city in the Gangwon Province of Korea. It is a port city on the Yeongdong Line railroad and Donghae Expressway. It is home to Hanzhong University and two major ports. The city is surrounded by scenic mountains and is an ideal destination for outdoor activities.

Donghae experiences a temperate climate, with an average monthly temperature of 20degF. Temperatures are coldest in January and February. The wet season lasts from June to September. The warmest month is August.

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is an iconic site in Korea. Its past has been turbulent, mirroring the history of the country. Although the market’s ups and downs are well documented, its dynamism and spirit are still a constant. It is a must-see during your trip to Korea.

The Namdaemun Market started as a fish market in 1414, near the old Mapo Port and Sungnyemun Gate. Back then, it was known as the Chilpae Market, where unlicensed merchants sold fish from all over the country. Many other things were also sold here, including bamboo, salt, and chinaware.


If you’re interested in a cultural experience that combines history and modernity, Insadong, Korea is the place to be. This district is packed with historical art galleries and antique shops. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to buy tourist souvenirs like pottery or handicrafts.

If you want to learn more about Korea’s cultural heritage, you can visit Insadong’s Kyung-in Art Museum, which is home to a collection of modern and traditional Korean art. The museum features three indoor gallery halls, an outdoor stage, a traditional tea house, and more. Visitors can even purchase artworks created by artists from around the world.