Three Reasons to Try Out BAEMIN

The Vietnam taxi-sharing company BAEMIN will introduce its payment system in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho in May 2021. The service is available in six major cities and features seven payment methods. The company provides service and benefits to its merchant and rider partners while contributing to community enhancement and underprivileged groups. Here are three reasons to try out BAEMIN. Read on to find out more! Below are some of its features:


Restaurants at BAEMIN are a new way to get your food delivered right to your door. The application enables you to place orders for any type of food, whether it’s fast food or international cuisine. The Company forwards your purchase orders to a network of Restaurants. Once the Restaurant receives your order, it will prepare your food and send it via rider to your door. If your order takes longer than expected, the Company will contact you.

For ordering food at these restaurants, download the BAEMIN app and use the cashless payment system. You can even rack up reward points when you order. The app also partners with food bloggers to highlight the best places to order dishes. Once the app is updated, you can simply check a box in the app to request that you do not receive a side dish. Eventually, they hope to expand the program to other restaurant partners.

Business model

The BAEMIN Business model focuses on guiding restaurants through the digital transformation of traditional business models. For example, BAEMIN sends staffs to guide restaurant owners through the platform, and it makes payments on time. The company also helps its partners by creating products to sell on its platform. Baemin’s marketing strategy is geared towards attracting the younger generation in Vietnam. And its members are responsible for their behavior before the law.

As a result, the company focuses on building a highly professional food delivery service. In the past, food delivery apps in Vietnam have been plagued by problems such as service quality and a shortage of riders. The company started out by carefully training rider teams in each market and slowly expanded its presence in cities with a high demand for food delivery. Currently, BAEMIN Vietnam is number one in customer satisfaction, and GrabFood has become famous among the elderly.

Commission fees

A recent increase in the BAEMIN commission fees has caused a stir in the Korean food delivery market. The new commission fee scheme will force restaurants to shoulder the cost of delivery, which can range from W5,400 ($4.36) to W6,000, a major sum of money. In contrast, most other restaurants split delivery fees with customers. Moreover, raising the commission fee percentages could lead to a decrease in sales. Therefore, it is important to consider how to best handle customer data when implementing the new commission fee scheme.

The new rules will also benefit a total of 52.8 percent of Baemin’s platform users. Before the changes, the average fried chicken restaurant that made 30 million won per month would pay two-thirds of that amount in advertising fees to Baemin. However, with the “Open Service” system, the restaurant would have to pay only 1.7 million won a month. The new commission fee structure was widely anticipated, since the company was acquired by German startup Delivery Hero last year. Its competition Yogiyo holds 44.3 percent of the Korean market, and Baemin is battling it for the same market.