The Insanely Inept Style of Tattoos

The ignorant style tattoo is one of the most popular styles of tattoos. It has been an underground sensation for over a decade, and it has now become a mainstream trend. This tattoo style has been embraced by many artists, including Oakland tattoo artist Galen Leach. Before becoming an artist, Galen worked as a bicycle messenger and performed tattoos at home for charity on weekends.

Simple designs

Simple designs for ignorant style tattoos can mean many things to different people. They can mean anything from a lack of knowledge to being an expression of yourself. Either way, they will stand out from the crowd and draw attention. Some popular designs include skulls, roses, daggers, and crossbones.

The ignorant style of tattoos began in the 1990s as a way to express an individual’s individuality through tattooing. It was popularized by graffiti artist Fuzi, who began sharing his work on the Internet. Unlike other styles of tattooing, ignorant tattoos feature less-than-perfect letters. In addition, they are known for their cartoonish look and lack of shading.


Messages of ignorant tattoos have become a trend in tattoo art, with more people getting them on their bodies. The style was popularized by tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk, who gained popularity after tattooing the “Lucky You” rib tattoo on Scarlett Johansson. Uvtpk says that ignorant tattoos are meant to express individuality and freedom. They are characterized by their imperfect letters and fonts.

Messages of ignorant tattoo designs often include symbols such as skulls, crossbones, barbed wire, daggers, and flames. The symbols can symbolize rebellion and ill taste. These tattoo designs are unique in that they are done without thinking about the meaning behind them.

DIY look

The DIY look for ignorant tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo styles right now. The focus of the style is simple, unadorned line work. The DIY approach to this design makes it perfect for beginners and those who are trying to avoid having a professional tattoo. To get the DIY look, just follow a few simple steps.

In the DIY look, there are several elements you can include in your tattoo. The colors can be bold or simple, and the design can have a message or slogan. The idea is to look like a total rebel.

Rustic look

The ignorant style has been a hit in the underground tattoo scene for several years. In recent years, this style has become more popular. The style was created by Oakland, California based artist Galen Leach, who was once a bike messenger. He also performed tattoos in his home on the weekends for donations.


In the mid-1990s, a group of tattoo artists called the “ignorant style” was formed in Paris. They wanted to create a style that was free of “morbid connotations.” These tattoos often mimic graffiti, with no shading and solid lines. This style is a popular choice among younger people who want to be different from other tattoo artists.

Galen Leach’s style

Galen Leach is one of the many artists who have embraced the “ignorant” style of tattooing. The style is a satirical take on modern society that rejects the rules of standardization. These tattoos are meant to look like a child learning to paint. They are also a rebellious reaction to the normalization of graffiti. While some may consider ignorant tattoos to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, they are actually a way for tattoo enthusiasts to express themselves.

Galen Leach is known for the ignorant style tattoo he has on his body. His tattoos have been criticized by some, but he does not seem to care. He’s open about his tattoo designs on social media such as Instagram.