The Best Places to Get a Graphic Tattoo

If you are considering getting a graphic tattoo, there are several things that you need to know. These include the artistic process, symbolism, and cost. The first thing that you need to do is decide on what kind of design you want. If you aren’t sure about the design, you can also seek help from a professional artist. Once you know the design, you can start sketching and creating the tattoo artwork.

Flat, graphic tattoos

A growing trend among tattoo artists is the use of flat, graphic designs on the body. These designs resemble a graphic design, but have minimal shading or color. They are mostly used in the Asian tattoo trend and are generally very detailed, covering large areas of the body. However, there are some differences between Asian and flat tattoo designs.

Traditional Old School tattoos are usually two-dimensional with bold colors and a low intricacy level. The designs are reminiscent of those popular in the 1800s, and often feature mermaids, ships, anchors, pin-ups, banners, and sparrows. They are also typically filled with red or green, and do not feature shading.


Graphic tattoos can convey different meanings. For instance, an arrow may signify moving forward and new beginnings. It may also represent strength to finish one’s goal or an entirely new life. Another tattoo design, the clock, has symbolic meaning and can be a symbol of time.

Although the dragon is typically viewed as an evil, powerful, and dangerous creature by pop culture, it has a deeper meaning. The woman’s symbol of protection, feminism, and fierce feminine power is deeply embedded in the design of this tattoo. This design is especially fitting for women who want to express their feminism through body art.

Another popular graphic tattoo is the semicolon. The semicolon symbolises a pause in a sentence and is a popular choice among men. This tattoo represents solidarity with those suffering from suicide and also signifies the strength of character.

Artistic process

Composition plays an important role in graphic tattoo designs and influences the final outcome. The overall composition ties all elements of an artwork together. Composition also determines the mood and appearance of an artwork. There are various methods to create a balanced composition, such as the Rule of Thirds, which divides visual space into thirds and requires that the subject matter be placed on the intersection of the dividing lines. This method is usually used for photography projects, but it can be applied to tattoo designs.

One of the most common methods of establishing the style of a graphic tattoo is by using a font. There are several different font styles available online, and you can even use Adobe Typekit to see how the text would look in different fonts. A font selection is an important step in the creative process, since a tattoo artist might not always have the exact font on their computer. In addition, a font’s color palette will often be a major deciding factor. A good tattoo artist will be able to work with you to adjust a font or style if necessary.


Before getting your first tattoo, you should decide on a budget. The price will depend on what you want and what the artist charges on an hourly basis. The average time to draw a design is about an hour, although it may take longer if the design is complex or requires colour or detail. The artist may also need to consult with you or make changes as needed.

The price will also depend on the size of your design. A short word tattoo that covers two to four square inches can cost between $50 and $200. Most tattoo artists do not charge by the letter, so be sure to ask for an hourly rate when negotiating with your artist. If you know what type of font you want, you can take samples to the shop to show the artist.

Place to get one

If you want a tattoo that represents you and who you are, you’re probably wondering where to go to get a quality graphic design. You can find a number of great places to get your tattoo done, but there are some that are better than others. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the best places to get a graphic tattoo.

Graphic tattoos are contemporary tattoos that are impressive and innovative. They are basically a re-imagining of reality. They can be inked in black and white or colored.