Tennis 101 – How to Become a Better Tennis Player


There are many theories about the origins of tennis, but one is certain: a game similar to tennis was played by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. In the 12th century, the French invented a similar game called jeu de paume, a game played with the palm of the hand. Eventually, the sport would evolve into the modern game we know today. In the early days, players didn’t even use a racquet.

A game similar to tennis dates back to the 12th century in France, where it was first played by French monks. In this version of tennis, players hit the ball back and forth with their hands and even occasionally used sticks. Monks played this game at their monasteries throughout Europe. While the Church of the day considered prohibiting it, tennis quickly spread.


Tennis is a very formal game, and there are many rules that must be followed. If you want to play better, you must learn them thoroughly. Many players do not understand the rules of tennis, but learning them will put you on the top of your game. There are some basic rules that you should understand and follow, and it will be beneficial for both you and your opponent if you do.

Before starting a game, players have to determine which side will serve. The player who serves first must stick to that side until the set is over. After the set is over, players must switch sides. When the server serves, they must be perfectly still, but they do not have to stay on the same side as the receiver. Failure to stay still while serving can result in losing points.


If you want to become a top tennis player, investing in some equipment is essential. Training is more fun and challenging when you have a variety of equipment to work with. It also helps keep you motivated and confident. Following a periodized plan for your training sessions can help you keep progressing. Using the same equipment for every single workout will limit your progress.

One of the most popular brands of tennis equipment is Babolat. This company makes fast and powerful equipment that will make you a better player. Speed is essential when playing tennis, and Babolat produces the best gear available. In fact, many top tennis players use Babolat to help them play better and stay competitive.


Accessibility of tennis is a project that allows people with disabilities to play the game of tennis. The sport is often seen as a male-dominated, privileged sport for the able and wealthy, and this creates barriers for those with disabilities. The initiative works to remove these barriers by providing training to enable participants to improve their physical and mental abilities and to become qualified sportspeople. The initiative is run by Marie Burns, who was inspired to develop the project after helping to coach disabled people.

To increase the availability of access to tennis, PlayYourCourt has partnered with the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section to expand its efforts in the area. This collaboration will help make tennis more accessible to people with disabilities in areas such as Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. The nonprofit’s mission is to ignite the tennis experience at the community level by introducing lessons at under-utilized facilities. To help meet this mission, it has an extensive network of highly-trained tennis instructors across the United States.