Street Artists Around the World

A Street Artist is a public artist who uses his or her artistic talents to decorate bare walls and buildings. They often display their frustrations, feelings, or ideas through their artwork. This type of work can inspire or incite a crowd. In addition to using paint to decorate bare walls, a Street Artist may also use a paint bomb or a paintball gun, which is silent and non-lethal.


The work of Shepard Fairey is a mixture of subversion, dissent, and parody, and is often a critical response to current events. Some of his pieces question the authority of government and society, while others expose political oppression and social taboos in a creative way. His art is intimate, full of energy, and accessible to a wide audience.

Shepard Fairey has received widespread acclaim as one of the most influential street artists of our time. He has been called “this generation’s Warhol,” and his work has been featured in films such as James Moll’s Obey Giant and the Simpsons’ Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart. His work has influenced a new generation of Public Artists.


Invader is a French urban artist known for his ceramic tile mosaics based on 8-bit video game art. Many of his pieces feature aliens that players may have come across in arcade games. His creations are unique and highly collectible, and are a great way to express your personal style.

Invader has been risaling in Marsiglia for the past few years, and his pieces are a mixture of art, graffiti, and street art. His team uses special cement to adhere the pieces to building walls. The works are meant to be temporary, and Invader’s team has even removed some of his work in the past.


Hyuro is a street artist from Valencia, Spain. She has been exhibiting her works in Europe and Brazil. Her pieces feature the human body as a central theme. She often depicts women and uses soft colours to emphasize the delicacy of her subjects. Her murals and paintings also take on architectural elements. Although she is based in Valencia, Spain, she has also exhibited in France and Italy, and participates in festivals around the world.

Hyuro was born in Argentina, and now lives in Valencia, Spain. He originally drew on paper, but has embraced street art only recently. His style is minimal and he often uses monochromatic colors. He has a critical spirit, which is evident in his work.

Titi Freak

Titi Freak is a Brazilian street artist based in Sao Paulo. His work fuses the aesthetics of Eastern and Western cultures. His influences range from Hokusai and Murakami to Robert Williams and Dave Cooper. He also is a champion yo-yo master.

The Brazilian-Japanese artist uses a combination of traditional and alternative media to create stunning pieces. His use of bold colors and abstract shapes combines pop culture references from both Western and Eastern cultures. In his early years, he worked with Brazilian comic book artist Mauricio de Souza, developing characters and illustrations for comic books. The street artist has appeared in a variety of ad campaigns and other media outlets.

Artur Bordalo

Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo II, uses the garbage found on the streets to create stunning sculptures. His pieces aim to raise awareness about pollution and endangered species. In addition to making sculptures, he is also active in the environmental movement. While growing up, he spent hours watching his grandfather paint. His love of art developed early, and at age eleven, he started spray-painting walls.

Artur Bordalo is a street artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. He creates animal sculptures from trash found on the streets. His latest series features a collection of recycled materials, including plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Alexandre Farto

Street artist Alexandre Farto has a reputation for making people laugh. He is also known as Vhils, the Portuguese street artist’s tag name. Known for his colorful and edgy artwork, he has appeared on the walls of many major cities in Europe. His work has been viewed by millions of people.

A typical Vhils rendering begins with a sketchbook and then is digitally manipulated. The colors used in the renderings are usually three, so as to give the piece a sense of depth. Farto then begins the carving process by using chisels, hammers, and drills. He also uses bleach and etching acid.

Lady Pink

Lady Pink is a street artist, a cult figure in the graffiti art scene. She began her career as a graffiti artist in the late 1970s. She began by tagging subway trains and soon after was tagging city walls with her ex-boyfriend’s name. She has become one of the world’s most recognizable street artists.

Lady Pink was born Sandra Fabara in 1964. Her work is highly regarded and has been featured in museums around the world. She has been active in the arts for three decades and has earned the respect of prominent collectors. In addition to tagging streets, Lady Pink also has an active studio practice.