Shinbi Apartment x Readerby Kindi

The story revolves around two students who live in the haunted Shinbi Apartments. Hari and Doori befriend the goblin Shinbi, who feeds off the magical energy in the apartment. They also consume goblin taffy, which makes them see ghosts. When Shinbi sees them, he convinces them to help him drive away the ghosts by giving them Ghost Balls. Shinbi is very helpful to them, and they are able to summon defeated spirits to help them cross over.

Kanglim x Readerby Kinda (Korean: sinbiapateu Sinbiapateu)

The manga series Shinbi Apartment x Readerby Kindi is an animated adventure about two teenagers – Y/N and Kanglim – who move into a new apartment after their mother dies. The new residents, Y/N and Kanglim, are searching for something or someone – and this secret must be kept. The series is a satire of the Korean drama genre, as the plot revolves around the search for a love interest.

Yellow goblin character Shinbi

Unlike the other ghosts in the series, Shinbi is a yellow goblin who was created to defeat the Underground Nation. He usually wears a blue cape with a weird marking on his stomach. Shinbi has appeared in every episode of the series, and has a lot of skills to make life tough for the Ghosts. He can use a boomerang to attack his enemies, and can even teleport Doori away.

The story revolves around Hari and Doori, two girls who live in the Shinbi Apartments, where the ghosts haunt the place. After they accidentally eat a goblin’s candies, they acquire the ability to see ghosts and summon spirits to help them fight the evil ghosts. They must also fight these ghosts before they can cross over. The series also features an overly-friendly Yellow Goblin called Shinbi.

The Haunted House, titled Shinbi Apartment, is an anime series produced by Tooniverse. There are four seasons in the series, the pilot episode aired on December 31st, 2014, and season one aired from July 20th, 2016 to January 18th, 2017. The episodes are available in Korean and English dub. The series focuses on the adventures of 102-year-old goblin Shinbi and the two siblings who work together to fight the injustices caused by ghosts.

Haunted apartment

The Shinbi Apartment is known to have a haunting vibe. The apartment is the new home for two siblings, Hari and Doori Koo. The siblings move in together and soon notice a strange energy. They wonder if there are ghosts in their place. While they live in their new home, they also see things that don’t seem right, including a 102-year-old goblin named Shinbi.

The Haunted House, also known as the Shinbi Apartment, is an anime series produced in South Korea by Tooniverse. It has four seasons, with the pilot episode aired on December 31st, 2014. Season 1 was released from July 20th, 2016, to January 18th, 2017, and features English and Korean dubs. The series is based on the life of 102-year-old goblin Shinbi. Hari and her siblings, the Duri and Hari siblings, try to solve the injustice of ghosts.