Shinbi Apartment – Ghostly Activity in Apartments

The Shinbi has a hard time tracing ghostly activity in apartments, so they often warn residents to shut off their water. Soon, children notice a shadowy presence around the water shutoff valve and humidifier. They also become suspicious of dark auras around the apartment’s plumbing. What exactly are these phantom entities? Here is a look at some of the ghostly activity in apartments:

The Secret of Ghost Ball

This popular anime follows the adventures of Hari, Doori, and Geumbi. These three main characters, who live in Shinbi Apartments, meet a goblin named Shinbi, who feeds on magical energy and grants their friends and family the ability to see ghosts. They eventually agree to help Shinbi drive away ghosts from their apartment, and they are given a special ball called a Ghost Ball. These balls allow them to summon spirits and use them to protect and cross over.

After their apartment is plagued by ghostly activity, Shinbi and his friends begin to investigate. They discover that the water in the apartment has been shut off, but they are unable to determine the exact source of the ghostly activity. They soon begin to notice a dark aura around their humidifier and plumbing. This becomes the cause of the ghostly activity, and they try to track it down.


Among the many anime for children, Shinbi Apartment is a favorite. It features a 102-year-old goblin named Shinbi who promises to grant wishes to those who visit him in the afterlife. The animation stars Hari, Doori, and Doori Koo as siblings. Their relationship is hilarious, and the characters make the series even more popular. The anime is also available on DVD.


In this article, we will analyze the constitutional features of “Shinbi Apartment” a recent Korean animation series for children. Produced by the domestic animation channel Tooniverse, this series has gained high ratings for being one of the first Korean horror animations. In contrast to other Japanese horror animations that have also been broadcasted in Korea, the Shinbi Apartment is a more successful interpretation of the traditional Korean ghost story.

The series begins with a premise: Shinbi, a goblin that feeds off of the magical energy of the Shinbi Apartment structure. Hari and Doori eat taffy made by Shinbi, which gives them the ability to see ghosts. As a result, Shinbi agrees to help them drive away ghosts in exchange for Ghost Balls, which allow them to cross over.


The Shinbi Apartment is a children’s horror media franchise created by CJ ENM and broadcast on Tooniverse. The show features a young couple named Doori and Hari who move into an apartment that is haunted by a goblin called Shinbi. Hari is the older sister of Doori Koo, and Doo-ri is the younger brother. Shinbi promises to grant the couple’s wishes when they ascend into the ghost world.

The first season contains 24 episodes. The second season includes ten episodes. The first season was available for viewing on Tooniverse from July 2016 to January 2017. The second season is scheduled to premiere on Tooniverse from October 2018 to January 2019.


While we can’t pinpoint the exact cause of ghostly activity, the Shinbi animation is very reliable. While the Shinbi team cannot point to a specific cause, they can determine that the apartment has some ghostly activity. The first signs of ghostly activity begin when kids notice a dark aura around the humidifier and plumbing. When Shinbi is unable to pinpoint the source of this ghostly activity, it’s possible to determine that it’s the water that’s shut off.