Shinbi Apartment Animation

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining animation to watch with your family, you may want to check out the Shinbi Apartment. The famous animated series features two ghosts from the Shinbi Apartment and a boy who resembles Kanglim Choi. While the worlds are very similar, the two series differ in a couple of ways. For example, in Shinbi Apartment, you can see ordinary ghosts without any objects, while in Ghostbusters, you can’t see them unless you put a light on them. In addition, vampires in the Ghostbusters universe aren’t affected by sunlight, while ordinary ghosts cannot. The Shinbi Apartment animation and the Ghostbusters movie share the same universe, but their worlds are very different.

Shinbi’s green “goblin”

The Haunted House, otherwise known as Shinbi Apartment, is an anime series produced in South Korea by Tooniverse. The series features the titular goblin and his two younger siblings, Hari and Doori. Their adventure starts with an attack from a ghost, which Hari bravely faces. However, Doori is terrified of the ghost and hides on the first floor of Shinbi Apartment. With the help of Shinbi, the trio can get back to their apartment and live happily ever after. Despite the peaceful life, danger lurks somewhere else.

Shinbi’s magical powers are due to the magic energy in the Shinbi Apartments. He will grant their wishes if they help free the trapped ghosts, but Doori and Hari try to counter the ghosts’ powers by making a new ball with a different energy. Eventually, the two siblings summon Shinbi and their phantom friends, but not before the ghosts become stronger.

Shinbi’s vulnerability to sunlight

The popular animation Ghostbusters also features two ghosts from the Shinbi Apartment, along with a boy who resembles Kanglim Choi. While there are several differences between the two worlds, the two universes are similar enough to make comparisons. Vampires, for example, can be seen without objects. While in the Shinbi Apartment universe, sunlight affects ordinary ghosts, it has no effect on vampires in the Ghostbusters universe.

The Secret of Ghost Ball

“The Secret of Ghost Ball in Shinbi apartment” is a Japanese animated movie. This is the first movie in the series. It was originally aired on Tooniverse and will be available on Netflix in December 2021 in South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. It stars Ha-ri and Hari, and follows them as they embark on an adventure to save their family. The series also stars Geumbi.

The Secret of Ghost Ball in Shinbi Apartment follows the lives of three siblings who live in a haunted house. Their neighbor, the goblin Shinbi, feeds on magical energy in the apartment and will grant them wishes. The brothers Doori and Hari are friends with Shinbi, but they are not alone. They help the goblins free trapped spirits and protect their classmates, as well as their new friends.

Dalja the Vampire girl

The anime series Dalja the Vampire girl partially shares elements with Shinbi Apartment, an anime that has been on South Korean television since 2021. It is not part of the same universe as the show, but it is mentioned on the Universe page. The character is also drawn in an anime-style chibi fashion. If you have never seen the animation, you may be interested in learning more about it.

The show is similar to Shinbi Apartment in that it centers around a goblin named Shinbi who feeds off the magical energy in the apartment. The two girls befriend the goblin Shinbi, who helps them see ghosts. They agree to help Shinbi drive the ghosts away in return for a new power called Ghost Balls. The pair protect their neighbors and help ghosts cross over to the other side.