Shinbi Apartment Animation and Dalja the Vampire Girl

Some people might be surprised to know that Shinbi Apartment has an animated series that shares some of its elements with Dalja the Vampire girl. The show, which has been airing in South Korea since 2021, has not been specifically mentioned in the Shinbi Apartment universe, but its episodes are drawn in an anime style. The show’s creators, CJ E&M, also took part in the animation of Dalja, though it was created by a different company than Shinbi Apartment.


Geumbi has been added to the cast of the Shinbi apartment animation series from this movie. He is a goblin with a red bowtie and a pink dress. He has a dark aura around the water heater and plumbing. The kids start to see something weird happening around the humidifier and plumbing. He also starts to fight other ghostly creatures. After his introduction to the series, Geumbi has become one of the main characters.

In the first film, Geumbi was a minor protagonist. He was revealed to be the main antagonist of the second season, after Season 2 part 2. He gave Shinbi a yo-yo as a gift, and was the only goblin without a magic club (the boss goblins always have magic clubs). However, he is seen holding a club in one scene. Geumbi’s yo-yo theme also changed in The 6 Prophecies and Suspicious Requests.

Dalja the Vampire girl

The animated television series Dalja the Vampire girl shares elements with the famous South Korean anime series Shinbi Apartment, although it has not been mentioned in the show’s universe. This is because episodes are made in the anime style, with some episodes drawn in chibi style. The series’ creators, CJ E&M, also participated in the animation, but this is the first appearance of the characters.


This Japanese animation combines the supernatural with a traditional fairy tale and a ghost story, with a modern twist. Its unique story structure embraces the female ghost story form and uses the peculiar shape of a ghost as a metaphor for the object of fear. The film also places the hero in the forefront, emphasizing the importance of communication, understanding, and forgiveness, as well as a taffy-like character.

Besides the Shinbi Apartment series, there are many other popular anime in the same vein. The acclaimed Shinbi Apartment series stars three main characters, Hari, Doori, and Geumbi. This animation has many memorable moments. The first episode begins with a ghost attack, in which Hari bravely faces the evil spirit but is almost killed by it. After getting scared, he teleports himself and Doori to the first floor of the Shinbi apartment. Shinbi protects them from harm and makes their life safe, but danger lurks elsewhere.

The Secret of Ghost Ball

The Secret of Ghost Ball in Shinbi Apartment is an animation about a goblin that makes a ghost ball and promises to make wishes come true for Hari and Doori when they become ghosts. The siblings agree to help Shinbi and free the trapped ghosts in exchange for the goblin’s services. However, they end up getting scared and don’t realize that Shinbi can see ghosts as well! To protect them, Hari teleports Doori and the ghost, and they find their lives back to normal. However, danger lurks elsewhere.

The Secret of Ghost Ball is a rip-off of the Yo-Kai Watch. While Shinbi uses a similar device to summon ghosts, the ghosts in the Shinbi Apartment animation aren’t cute, and they are much more like magical girl monsters than horror anime. They’re also rather scary, especially for younger viewers. Nonetheless, the storyline is still good and will keep them entertained for hours.

Shinbi’s green “goblin”

The plot revolves around a young boy named Hari and his older sister Doori. Shinbi, a 102-year-old “goblin”, promises to grant their wishes once they become ghosts. While the two girls can’t quite identify the source of the ghostly activity, they do notice a mysterious dark aura around the plumbing and the humidifier. The two siblings decide to seek help from Shinbi, who promises to grant all their wishes.

The Haunted House is a South Korean animated series that is reminiscent of Scooby-Doo. The story centers on a 102-year-old goblin named Shinbi, who lives in an apartment. Shinbi, a goblin with no memory of the past, discovers a secret cave with his two young protagonists, who take him there. Shinbi’s journey through the cave takes them to 1996. It is difficult to find the series on Netflix, but it’s well worth it.