Shinbi Apartment Animation

A Shinbi apartment animation is a mysterious phenomenon that has enchanted many people since its release in 2007. It is the perfect blend of horror and comedy, and the best part is that it’s free to download! The Shinbi team can’t pinpoint exactly what the source is of the ghostly activity, but they can determine that something is happening when the water is shut off. As a result, kids begin to notice dark auras around the humidifier and plumbing.


The anime series features the yellow goblin Geumbi who first makes his debut in the first film. From this film onwards, Geumbi is a main character in the series. She is usually pictured wearing a pink dress with a red bowtie. Geumbi also mentions Nekomata and the Sandman. She also has the ability to burn buildings and uses fire as a weapon.

A popular animated series featuring three main characters, Doori, Hari, and Geumbi, Shinbi and Geumbi, follows the adventures of the trio. This animation tells the story of the trio as they face danger. When a ghost attacks them, Hari bravely faces it while Doori becomes terrified. As a result, the three friends teleport themselves to the first floor of Shinbi Apartment, where Shinbi protects them with his shield. Although life is peaceful, danger looms elsewhere.

Dalja the Vampire girl

The famous South Korean anime show, Shinbi Apartment, has a parallel series, Dalja the Vampire girl. The two share some of the same elements. This anime, which has been airing in South Korea since 2021, uses chibi style illustrations, with episodes also featuring some anime style elements. CJ E&M is also involved in this series, but they have worked with a different animation company.


If you’ve seen Ghostbusters, you’ve probably heard of the two Shinbi ghosts, Geumbi and Shiki. However, the two ghosts and the boy who resembles them are a completely different world than the one found in Shinbi Apartment. In the Ghostbusters world, ordinary people can see the ghosts and the vampires cannot. The main difference between the two worlds is that in Shinbi Apartment, the ghosts are not afraid of sunlight, but the supernatural creatures do. The Shinbi animation, based on the original manga, is a fantastic adaptation of the Japanese fairytale.

When Jimi first meets the Shinbi family, he is trying to convince his mother to go treasure hunting. The two kids are not interested in this idea, so Hyunwoo pleads with the two. However, Shinbi and Doori refuse to go with him. The mother tries to keep the children apart so that they do not get into a fight. Despite Hyunwoo’s efforts, Shinbi and Doori refuse to go treasure hunting.

The Haunted House

In the anime series “The Haunted House,” Shinbi, Duri and Hari are drawn back to 1996 by some unknown force. The three travel with their younger mother, Geumbi, and a ghostly, unnerving creature. As the girls travel back in time, they discover a series of strange events, some of which may be connected to a mysterious force. The three women discover that they are drawn to the same apartment as a spirit that has haunted the building for years.

This popular anime is based on the original work of ‘Shinbi’s Haunted House. The story revolves around three children and their ghostly companions. The girls battle against evil spirits and gain the ability to see ghosts. Hari and Doori, two young girls, discover that they are goblins who were born in the Haunted House. The sisters work together to free their family of their resentment toward the ghosts.

The Secret of Ghost Ball

Anime fans will love the supernatural adventures of Shinbi, a mysterious goblin who feeds on the magical energy of the Shinbi Apartment. After meeting and befriending the goblin, Shinbi grants the three friends the ability to see ghosts, and they agree to help him drive away evil spirits in exchange for the Ghost Ball. However, the ghosts are not the only danger in the apartment: they are also posing as ordinary humans. Shinbi is so powerful that he can also teleport himself and his friend Hari to the first floor of Shinbi Apartment. The two kids are able to live a peaceful life, but there are dangers lurking elsewhere.

In Season 2, Ha-ri is given the opportunity to meet with the twin ghosts, and you will learn how she got there. While Ha-ri is distracted by Ha-ri’s sudden disappearance, she is able to push the twin ghosts off of her. This is the beginning of her journey, and you will learn more about her mysterious past. The video also features a new twist on the traditional ghost ball, which is that a boy has to kill a spirit in order to save his sister.