Shinbi Apartment Animation

When you are preparing to produce a Shinbi apartment animation, you will need to choose a storyline, characters, and music video. While you can’t always pinpoint the exact source of the ghostly activity, you will definitely need to consider these elements to create an effective film. If you are unsure how to begin, this article will help you create a great Shinbi apartment animation. Once you have decided on the elements you want to include, you can begin the process of putting your film together.


“The Haunted House”, otherwise known as Shinbi Apartment, is a South Korean animation series produced by Tooniverse. It has four seasons. The first season debuted on July 20th, 2016, and aired from January 18th, 2017. The series is available in both English and Korean dub. The story follows 102-year-old goblin Shinbi, and his siblings, Doori and Koo. The two work together to end the injustices ghosts have caused to human beings.


The storyline of Shinbi apartment animation is a reimagining of the classic ghost tale, enhancing the stale and savage tales with the contemporary slant of female ghost stories. The ghost’s shape has an unpredictable and strange element, embodying the object of fear. The hero is placed in the center of the story, focusing the audience on his character’s courage, communication, understanding, and forgiveness.

The storyline follows the two protagonists, Hari and Doori, who live in haunted Shinbi Apartments. In order to save their apartment, they meet the goblin Shinbi, who feeds on the magical energy in the building. Hari and Doori eat goblin taffy to gain the ability to see ghosts. After they convince the goblin to help them, the ghosts begin to attack their human neighbors. Shinbi uses his teleportation to protect his two new friends. This brings peace and tranquility to the first floor of Shinbi Apartment, but danger still lurks elsewhere.

Music video

The Haunted House, otherwise known as Shinbi Apartment, is a South Korean animated television series produced by Tooniverse. It comprises four seasons. The pilot episode aired on December 31st, 2014, and season one ran from July 20th, 2016 to January 18th, 2017. The series is available in both the Korean and English dubs. The story revolves around 102-year-old goblin Shinbi and his siblings Doori and Hari who try to protect their neighbors and ease the injustice of ghosts.

The music video also features an original song called “OH MY GIRL”. The yo-yo was given to Shinbi by Geumbi after he accidentally lost it when he first met her. In the anime, Shinbi also steals food from other people, and has no intention of saying sorry. Hari has dubbed him a scaredy-cat several times, but Shinbi does not respond to the insult.


In the famous anime series, “Shinbi Apartment,” the three main characters – Hari, Doori, and Geumbi – live in an apartment with mysterious ghosts. Shinbi, a 102-year-old goblin, feeds on the magical energy of the apartment and promises to grant the children’s wishes when they ascend into the ghost realm. The animation follows the trio as they travel through the apartment and discover a secret cave.

During this time, Geumbi is introduced, a yellow goblin who is also a ghost. This character was introduced in the second movie and will return in Season 4 of the show. The characters also gain a new character, Guido-hyun, who is the older brother of Kang-Lim. Shinbi Apartment: Doomsday first aired on Tooniverse from July 2016 to January 2017, with the second season premiering from November 2017 to March 2019.