Seoul Studio Artefact II

King Seoul Studio has many features and amenities that will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Guests will enjoy a fully equipped kitchen with dishes, coffee maker, water dispenser, and a dishwasher. The room also includes dish washing liquid, a sponge, and cooking oil. There is also a washing machine, which includes power detergent and a liquid detergent if required. There is also a computer with internet and tv with local channels.

King Seoul Studio

The King Seoul Studio in Seoul, South Korea is a premier recording studio where you can record K-pop songs. The studio has been used by K-pop stars including Kangta, Kim Kyung-ho, JK Kim Dong-wook, Dok2, and others. The studio has professional music producers who can transform your performance into a glittering K-Pop video. You can also get vocal coaching from a professional sound engineer.

The studio has been in operation for a decade and has released several popular titles. Its recent Netflix Korean Original series, Sweet Home, has been enjoyed by Netflix members around the world. The series premiered in the United States, Canada, and France before being released in the UAE and Qatar.


Located in Seoul, the visual arts and crafts studio Seoul Studio Artefact incorporates deconstruction, references to geographical phenomena, conscious improvisation and material autonomy to create installations and exhibitions. The artists use their objects as an opportunity to explore new aesthetic possibilities and propose a system based on failure. This is evident in the installation of the Will.B cafe-cum-bakery, which features a terrace that blurs the boundaries between the street and the building’s interior.

Artefact II

Seoul Studio Artefact II is a group of artists and designers that focus on the relationship between nature and artifact. Their aim is to discover the essence of the material and then express this essence through an elegant language. They also conduct experiments that allow man-made beings to live and interact with nature.