Pro Shoppers’ Shopping Knowhow

Pro shoppers know the tricks of the trade to save money on everyday purchases. They know how to find discount coupons and find the best places to shop. They also know how to deal with compulsive shopping and break the habit. They have exercises and applications that can help you change your habits. Whether you are a frequent shopper or have just recently started, you can benefit from learning the tips and tricks of pro shoppers.


When you purchase something, your intention to buy changes if you are faced with risk. Risk aversion and perceived risk are two of the factors that influence the commitment to purchase. Trust, on the other hand, acts as a moderator between intention and behavior. Therefore, it is essential that you ask specific questions to elicit commitment from your customers. To achieve commitment, ask questions that require the prospect to share their current status on the sale.


Providing discounts to your customers does not necessarily mean granting them freebies. Depending on the objective, you may want to use various discounts to attract new customers, retain existing customers, or get rid of excess inventory. The type of discounts that you use will depend on your objective, but you can apply some of these strategies to improve conversion rates.

If you want to use discounts to boost sales, make sure that you plan your promotions well and make them meaningful. You can increase sales without harming your brand by offering discounts to the right types of customers. Before launching a discount program, research the pricing of your competitors and determine how long you can keep your prices at a lower level. Review your accounts periodically to determine whether or not you’re getting the desired results.