Old School Tattoos

Old school is also known as western or American traditional and it is a classic design style that features black outlines and a limited color palette. Common motifs are based on sailor tattoos. Some of today’s flash designs are also examples of old school tattoos. Here are some of our favorites. Let’s start with the American traditional wolf. Then we’ll look at Swallows, Ships and Pin-up girls.

American traditional wolf

There are many places to get an American traditional wolf tattoo. The shoulder is a popular location because it is large enough to display all the details of your tattoo and it does not have curves or ridges that might distort the design. The shoulder also offers low pain and is not easily hidden under clothes. However, the placement of the tattoo will determine how it is presented on your body. Therefore, it is essential to choose a location that will provide you with the best overall aesthetic results.

The black and grey wolf tattoo design demonstrates the intelligence and wildness of the wolf. It also conveys its power and strength. American traditional wolf tattoo designs have been extremely popular for decades, due to their simplicity and bold lines. The wolf symbolizes fierce loyalty, strength, and dedication. The design is also versatile and can represent many different meanings. This design can be worn by both men and women. You can choose a tattoo design that matches your style and personality.


The symbolism behind an Old school swallow tattoo is both powerful and timeless. The cynic might think the swallow simply symbolizes a dead bird. But, this design actually has a deep connection to others. Whether it’s a loved one, or just a place where you can feel safe, the swallow tattoo has a special meaning for many people. Read on to discover the symbolism behind this tattoo and why it’s a great choice for a tattoo.

First and foremost, this symbolism is deeply symbolic. Many sailors would get a swallow tattoo to signify their 5,000-mile voyage home. It was also believed that seeing the first swallow in the spring was holy. Furthermore, sailors would tattoo a swallow if they reached the Cape Horns, an achievement they considered to be a sign of success. Another interpretation of this symbolism is that swallows carry the souls of drowned sailors to heaven.


A Ships old school tattoo may look simple at first, but its meaning is rich. Ships are a symbol of freedom and adventure, both literally and metaphorically. Sailor Jerry had master papers on every major ship and, therefore, is an appropriate choice for a tattoo. His clipper ship tattoos were symbolic of his call to adventure and determination to be home. While a nautically accurate tattoo, the image carries a deeper meaning.

In the man-of-war world, sailing is a male-dominated profession. Nevertheless, some shipmates had a talent for tattooing. Their two masters were considered consummate tattoo artists. These artists were equipped with a box full of tools and coloring matter and charged a hefty price. They tattooed the sailors in order to secure a commission for custom designs. However, despite the high price tag, the tattoo artists would happily prick customers for a custom design.

Pin-up girls

When it comes to tattoos, there are many variations on the theme of an old-school pin-up girl. Some of these designs are in the classic American tradition style while others are in more modern and contemporary forms. A pin-up girl tattoo can depict a woman wearing a short skirt and tights, holding a long sword, or even in a garb like a pirate. Whatever your choice of image, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your personality and personal style.

In the 1930s, artists Alberto Vargas began painting modest images of women for Esquire magazine. These women were often kept by soldiers as tokens of home and good luck. The pin-up girl was also an important symbol in the social history of the United States during the 1940s, when sex exploitation was rampant. Today, many people wear a tattoo of a pin-up girl to remind themselves of the heyday of their youth.


The style of an Old School Bee Tattoo is one that is classic and understated. Depending on where you get it, you can choose from a photorealistic or minimalist style. Minimalistic bee tattoo designs are easy to work with, and they often use little color. They also tend to take less time to finish, and are less expensive to purchase. Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose this style:

Symbolism: The honeybee has many meanings, including being a symbol of civilization and altruism. It is also symbolic of dedication and duty. It is often paired with a ladybug tattoo to represent good fortune, happiness, and love. This type of tattoo is great for a man who is dedicated to his job. If you are an environmentalist, this design might be a good choice for you.


Traditional clocks require multiple elements to function properly, so it makes sense that they would make great tattoo subjects. They represent the importance of cooperation, as a clock is nothing without the other elements that make it function properly. As such, tattoos with clocks on the body will represent the importance of time, as well as your personal time and the time of others. You can go with a single clock, or several. Either way, your tattoo will be unique to you!

If you are looking for an original design, consider a skull and clock combination. This combination is particularly popular in women’s tattoos. Skull tattoos are another common choice, and they often go well with the clock design. Skulls are a symbol of death and can be a poignant choice if you want to reflect on your own mortality or pay homage to a loved one. Old school tattoos with clocks can have a lot of meanings, and each one has its own personality and style.