Old School Tattoos

Old school is a style that is known for its limited color palette and bold black outline. Typically, it incorporates sailor-inspired motifs and is often associated with a retro feel. Several common flash designs come from this style as well. To get started with an old school tattoo, consider one of these examples. You’ll be amazed at the range of designs that are available. Here are five classic examples. Listed are the benefits and disadvantages of old school tattoo designs.

Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry is considered one of the greatest tattoo artists in history. He enlisted in the US Navy at the young age of 19 and began practicing his craft on drunks on Skid Row and wayward cadets from the Great Lakes Naval Academy. After completing his service, Sailor Jerry became fascinated with the symbolism of nautical life and began corresponding with legendary Japanese tattoo masters. These designs have endured through the years and have become an icon of tattoo design.

Jantzen’s diving girl

Whether you have a sleeve that is too small, or you simply want to spruce up your old school tat, a diving girl old school tattoo is a classic design that has stood the test of time. The diving girl is a woman in a swimsuit, and the diving girl design is classic and timeless. Jantzen’s diving girl is one of the most popular retro tattoos.

Jantzen’s eagle

The diving girl is a great tattoo design for a retro look. This tattoo style represents freedom and independence. Before the 17th century, women often bathed in public. During this time, modesty had not entered the picture. Because of this, women’s swimwear was often quite large. Water would fill the garments, concealing their figures. It wasn’t until the mid-eighteenth century that active suits were introduced to women.


The Old school swallow tattoo is a classic piece in nautical themed tattoo designs. Its bold outline and black and gray color scheme make it timeless, regardless of the style. The American Traditional style was invented by Sailor Jerry, one of the most prominent pioneers in the tattoo industry. Whether you want a wingless swallow or a full-size guillemot, you’re sure to find a style that suits your personality.


Despite their morbid appearance, skull tattoos can be a great choice for those who want a symbol of life and death. Skulls are often associated with death, but they can also symbolize wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to face the greatest fear of all. These designs can also be an homage to the circle of life, which is infinite and each death brings forth new life. In addition, they can be an interesting alternative to other traditional tattoo designs.


A single-line anchor tattoo on the left arm is one of the most common female celebrity tattoos. Although this design has a long history as a sailor tattoo, it is harder to find male celebrities with the anchor. A great example of an old-school tattoo design of an anchor is Zoe Kravitz’s. She has more than fifty tattoos on her body. Whether you want an old-school tattoo or a modern-day design, you’ll find many examples of this design in popular tattoo galleries.


The symbolism of old school tattoos with clocks is incredibly rich depending on which design you choose. This timeless symbol can have a number of meanings and be adorned in numerous locations, including the upper arm, inner forearm, shoulder blade, knee, thigh, chest, and side of the hip. This design is perfect for men looking for a design that represents their time, and is also suitable for women who want a tattoo that shows off their individuality.


An Old school snake tattoo can be an excellent choice for a person with a virulent streak. A snake is an extremely symbolic and powerful creature. It can represent so many things, from virility and transformation to a man’s rebirth, healing, and immortality. It’s even been used as a symbol of medicine in the United States. This article will examine the symbolism of this venerable reptile.


The rose has a long and rich history in mythology and symbolism. Its meaning often relates to romantic concepts such as love and death. Symbolism of roses on tattoos can range from eternal love to zeal. Roses have long been associated with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who grew a rose bush from the blood of her slain lover. Rich Romans would fill their bedchambers with roses to create a soft, luscious surface for romantic encounters.