Old School Tattoo Designs

Whether you’re looking for an eagle or an anchor, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many options for old school tattoo designs and you can find the perfect one for your body. Read on to learn more about the different options available and what makes these designs so popular. Here are some examples:


An anchor tattoo can represent hope and security. Those who have one can feel confident that they’ll find the support they need if the worst should happen. It can also symbolize the strength of your faith. Whether you want an old-school or a contemporary tattoo, the anchor has a place in both worlds. Its timeless aesthetic will never go out of style. You’ll love getting a new tattoo with this timeless design!


A classic old school snake tattoo design has been around for decades. A snake tattoo with ornamental details is one of the most popular styles of this type of design. This style uses rich, vibrant colors like deep blue and a black diamond on the snake’s face. It is a classic tattoo design, and many people love its virility and elegant simplicity. A fineline style is another popular option, as it features clean lines and a uniform negative space.


Traditional eagles tattoos have a lot of history. They were the favorite tattoo of Sailor Jerry, who was a rabid fan of eagles. These eagles were often paired with the American flag and represented freedom and courage. In addition, these eagles represent man’s connection with the divine. Some people use wolves as their motif, interpreting them as symbols of a strong family foundation and a protective nature.


If you’re a fan of flowers, you might consider getting an old school peonies tattoo. They are simple yet evocative, and they look great on both women and men. Peonies are symbols of beauty, love, and family. You can choose from a variety of designs, including those based on Eastern cultural concepts. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Columbine flowers

If you’re looking for a feminine design to ink on your body, columbine flowers might be a great choice. These beautiful flowers hold meanings across cultures, including the sternness and gentleness of an eagle. Regardless of the meanings attached to a flower, a columbine tattoo is sure to be beautiful and memorable. In addition to its beauty, this tattoo also represents a strong relationship.


If you want a bee tattoo but aren’t a fan of color, then an old school bee tattoo might be the perfect tattoo for you. These bee tattoos are typically black and white and are a little different from your typical bee tattoo. They feature little detail, but still retain the visually appealing aspects of bees. An old school bee tattoo is perfect for first-timers, as it is usually a fine line design and less painful than regular tattoos. Nonetheless, you’ll want to make regular visits to ensure that your tattoo stays sharp and doesn’t fade.

Bee tattoos

If you’ve always loved bees but were too shy to get one, consider getting an old-school bee tattoo. These tattoos look adorable on knees and have minimal effect on the body. A bee tattoo is particularly flattering on women, and you’ll look great with this style. However, placement and size are important factors. If you’re thinking of getting one, consider a smaller version or one with more childish features.

Clock tattoos

There are several options when it comes to Old School clock tattoos. These designs are perfect for someone who loves the clock and the concept of time. This design also goes well with other elements. Often, people combine it with a skull tattoo, which is a symbol of death and the opposing idea of rigidity. The clock tattoo is a great choice for those who want to consider their mortality or pay homage to a loved one.

Snake tattoos

An old school snake tattoo looks great on any body part. The slithering serpent, in its characteristic black and gray coloration, is an iconic tattoo design. Its design is reminiscent of many African masks, which often depict human faces with serpentine features. Snake tattoos have a deep meaning and are considered a symbol of death and rebirth. These tattoos can be extremely masculine or feminine depending on your personal taste and the style of tattoo you choose.

Palm tree tattoos

If you’re looking for an old-school tattoo style that looks fantastic on everyone, palm tree tattoos are a great option. This tattoo is known for its intricate placement ideas, and you’ll probably want to place it on a part of your body that’s easy to cover with clothing. You can have one on your wrist, the sides of your hand, your calf muscles, or even on your back. Choose from black, green, or any other color you’d like.