Lotte Discontinues Dawn Delivery Service

Lotte has discontinued its dawn delivery service and will instead focus on a new segment for its food service. This decision comes amid the emergence of specialty online retailers such as Market Kurly and O House in Korea. Additionally, business restrictions on large retail stores will hinder Lotte’s plans to expand the delivery service. Here are some reasons why Lotte decided to end its dawn delivery service. Listed below are some of the advantages of the new service.

Happy Butler is a one-hour delivery service

Lotte On is planning to expand its one-hour delivery service, Jamsil, by nearly 600 percent on April 27. Jamsil will be able to deliver more than 600 products within one hour. The product line will include Lotte Mart representative home convenience food Cooking, fifty kinds of milk kits, and 30 kinds of Robs’ beauty and health products. This service is available from 11 am to 1 am, and delivery is free for orders over 30,000 won.

The service is available in Gangnam, the southern commercial district of Seoul, and will be expanded later to other parts of Seoul. This service will allow customers to place orders from their smartphones and wait for them to be delivered within one hour. Depending on how busy people are, they can even request to receive their orders via email. Lotte On has also partnered with a startup called Nowpick. Nowpick handles the warehouse, product selection, packaging, and delivery. Lotte On plans to launch the hour delivery service to all franchised supermarkets in December 2020.

Happy Butler is a blockchain-based delivery service

A smart phone application will let customers know when a package is ready to be picked up and delivered by a Lotte courier. The company also has 15 mega terminals, more than a thousand local office locations across Korea, and conducts research and development on advanced delivery systems. Lotte Global Logistics has also established overseas logistics points, including Asia and the Americas. The company has also conducted drone-operated delivery research. In May, the company signed an MOU with the startup Malltail.

Lotte Global Logistics, a major logistics company headquartered in Seoul, Korea, has also recently joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, a global consortium of logistics and blockchain companies. The alliance was formed in 2017 to promote blockchain applications in the transportation industry and create industry-wide standards for technology adoption. One such project is OriginTrail, which is a blockchain-based supply chain protocol. It has over 400 members, including Lotte and other major players in the industry.

Happy Butler’s delivery time depends on the date you order

Delivery times will vary depending on the time of day you place your order, and are subject to availability. We will do our best to make sure your order is delivered as soon as possible, however, delivery times can be longer than we’d like, and can also be affected by courier delays and force majeure. In such cases, we recommend placing your order early to ensure you get your food on time.