Logen Logistics Vs DHL

Whether you’re looking for an express delivery service, international shipping, or an international courier, you can trust Logen Logistics. You can track Logen parcels globally using Parcel Monitor, and you can get updates in your preferred language. Parcel Monitor is an online tracking service that will make it easy to follow the progress of your shipment from anywhere. The Parcel Monitor app is available for download from the Logen website and is easy to use.

Daemyung Chemical Group

The Daemyung Chemical Group (Daemyung) announced on June 30 that it would acquire Logen Logistics, a South Korean warehouse and transportation service company. The transaction is expected to close later in Q3 2018. CF Investment will hold a majority stake in Logen after the stock acquisition. After the closing, BPEA will sell the remaining shares to Daemyung Chemical for approximately $520 million.

Baring Private Equity Asia (BPEA) has agreed to sell the domestic parcel delivery company Logen to a Kosdaq-listed company, Cowell Fashion. Logen will be sold to Cowell Fashion by BPEA for 340 billion won ($296.5 million).


There are some notable differences between Logen logistics and UPS. The former specializes in domestic shipping while the latter focuses on international logistics. Both companies use robotics to manage inventory and processes and invest in connectivity solutions, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The former also relies heavily on warehouse management software to automate day-to-day operations such as picking, stock locating, and labor management. In recent years, robotics has become an increasingly popular solution for warehouse automation. Automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots are among the technologies that are being implemented in this space.

In 2013, the US logistics giant was rumored to buy Logen, the fourth largest package delivery company in Korea. Several private equity funds also entered the bidding process. The company was owned by Hong Kong-based Baring Private Equity Asia and is advised by J.P. Morgan. The two companies have a combined operating profit of 20 billion won last year. UPS is currently not commenting on the deal. If UPS bids to buy Logen, it would be the first to acquire its entire stake.


Several factors can impact the decision between Logen logistics and DHL. Both companies are well-known for their reliability, but how do they compare? Listed below are some of the most notable differences. The differences are extensive, and evaluating these two logistics providers may prove difficult. Regardless of your requirements, the two companies have some significant similarities and differences. To make your decision easier, check out these comparisons of Logen logistics vs DHL.

If you’re considering buying a parcel delivery company, Logen might be the right option. Both companies have loyal client bases and growing earnings. In addition, Logen has been able to attract strategic buyers, including private equity funds looking to make a profit in the logistics industry. As such, you’ll want to weigh all the factors. However, remember that you shouldn’t rush into a decision just because you’ve never heard of either company.

Mirae Asset Private Equity

Logen Group is a South Korean parcel delivery service that serves a primarily mid and small-volume customer base. Its nationwide pick-up and delivery network includes 410 agencies and 7,500 drivers. Mirae Asset Private Equity will make this investment to help expand Logen’s operations in India and Asia. Mirae Asset has invested in Logen Logistics since 2011.

The South Korean financial services giant Mirae Asset has invested in several startups, including Zomato and Bigbasket. They are also investing in early-stage Indian companies. The company has opened a new fund, the Mirae Asset Maps Global II, with a corpus of $35 million with an option to raise up to $75 million, that will target logistics centers on both the west and east coasts of the US.

Shuttle Korea Holdings

Logen logistics is one of the largest logistics firms in South Korea. In 2013, it was bought by Baring Private Equity Asia, which has a stake in the company. In 2015, it acquired a smaller rival. But it faces a tough road ahead to regain its former glory. Several potential buyers are circling around. However, the IPO process has been put on hold while Baring continues to explore potential buyers.

The company has also been boosted by the booming e-commerce market, which has driven its earnings higher. Last year, Logen reported a 24% increase in operating profit on 16% higher sales. In addition to this, the company also recently acquired Dae Myung, a Korean clothing distribution firm. The combined company has a market share of more than 10 percent. The company’s recent acquisitions are expected to give it an edge online.