Korean YouTuber Recommendations

If you’re looking for Korean youtuber recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! Korean vloggers cover a wide range of topics, including beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. Find out more about these vloggers in their “About” section, or by browsing their videos or playlists.


HEOPOP is a Korean youtube sensation who uploads wacky experiments and vlogs. His videos have received over 111 million views and have earned him a monthly income of $10,000. He started his YouTube channel in English, but soon switched to Korean. He also donates to charity.


Sohyun is a popular YouTuber from Korea. She has been making videos since she was a teenager. She uses her channel to discuss Korean culture, beauty, and technology. She also has videos about breast implants and padded bras. Many of her videos have reached millions of views. She has also collaborated with other Korean celebrities, including actress Lee Dong Hyo. Her content is very popular on the site and she is gaining many new subscribers.

Josh Carrott

Korean youtuber Josh Carrott is an Englishman who is learning the Korean language. His videos are often bilingual and subtitled in English and Korean. His passion for the Korean language and culture has helped him become a successful YouTuber.


If you are looking for a fun and entertaining YouTube channel, you should check out the Korean youtuber Twin ROOZI. These twins have a lot to offer fans, ranging from funny vlogs to food reviews. Many of the videos feature the girls eating all sorts of different foods, and they are also great for children, as they are not only entertaining but educational as well.

Kang Na-ra

Kang Na-ra is a North Korean youtuber, and is the first of her kind. Born in Korea on July 9, 1997, Kang is 1.59 m tall and has a YouTube channel of her own. When she was still a child, her birth mother defected to South Korea. Her mother had been living overseas and had asked if she would like to join her. She decided to do so.


CreamHeroes is a Korean channel that features videos of cats. The channel was started by a South Korean woman named Claire. Then, the channel was taken over by a company and began to make money. When the YouTube channel was no longer profitable, Claire turned to other channels, such as Kittisaurus and Claire Luvcat. During that time, she created semi-realistic projects of seven cats.

Wassup Man

Wassup Man is a Korean YouTube channel created by Joon Park. His videos feature his outgoing personality and amusing behavior. He also makes visits to hip neighborhoods in Seoul and around the world, where he shares his opinions on popular food, stores, and more. His videos are popular with people around the world.


Baenjjeu is a South Korean YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. He is known as one of Korea’s top comedians, with his videos getting over 7 million views. His channel also contains Korean and English videos.