Ironic Tattoos – Get an Ignorant Tattoo

An ignorant tattoo is an ironic piece of body art. These tattoos tend to be witty and dry, but still have a certain amount of sensitivity. Because they are ironic, many people may not understand the meaning behind the design. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting one. It is a great way to express your individuality.


French artist FUZI UV TPK is a pioneer of the “Ignorant Style” of graffiti. His designs are bold and obscene, and his tattoos often carry ironic statements. Last month, he tattooed Scarlet Johansson in Paris, provoking a flurry of criticism and speculation.

In his “Ignorant” style, FUZI wanted to avoid traditional tattoo style rules and make the tattoo look like a child learning to draw and paint. This was a reaction against the standardization of graffiti and tattoo art. Ignorant tattoos don’t represent a lack of knowledge, but they are rather about rebelling against rules and expressing oneself freely.


Galen Bryce has been tattooing for 10 years and owns a private tattoo studio. He specializes in Anime tattoos, comic book tattoos, nature tattoos, and soft black work. He welcomes clients of all gender identities, including transgender people. He has a unique tattoo style that caters to people with marginalized gender identities.

Galen’s ignorant tattoo style has a more modern and simple look compared to traditional tattoo styles. His style is based on the graffiti that he was inspired by when he first started graffiti in NYC. He wants his tattoos to look like a child learning to draw, which is why his work is often referred to as “irrespective.” This tattoo style is also a reaction to the standardization of graffiti. The message is not so much based on lack of education, but rather on a rebellious attitude against rules and restrictions. He sees his tattoos as an opportunity to express himself, without fear of criticism.

Francisca Silva

Francisca Silva has a tattoo titled “Ignorant” and she’s proud of it. The ignorant style is a very minimalist approach to tattooing, with a quirky and minimalistic look. Although this tattoo style is not for everyone, it is certainly unique. The idea, the style, and the message make this one a unique design.

Galen’s tattoos

“Ignorant” tattoos are a hit with the underground tattoo community. These styles have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Oakland based artist Galen Leach has taken this trend on board. Previously, Galen was a bike messenger, performing tattoos at home for donations.

Ignorant tattoos are essentially simple drawings with little coloration. These tattoos are usually performed at home and have graffiti-art qualities, with cartoon-like features. The concept was originally popularized by French graffiti artist FUZI UVTPK.

Francisca Silva’s ignorant tattoos

Francisca Silva is a talented tattoo artist whose tattoos take a minimalist and stripped-down approach to the tattooing process. She rejects the idea of solid shading and perfect lines, focusing instead on irony and humor. She has a distinctive style and her designs aren’t for everyone.

Fuzi’s ignorant tattoos

One of Fuzi’s tattoo styles, ignorant tattoos, has gained a following among both young and old tattoo lovers. They are simple designs that focus on line work and minimal colour. They are typically satirical, though they can also be meaningful. In addition to being simplistic, they lack the usual middle man.

Fuzi, a French graffiti artist, pioneered the ‘Ignorant Style’ in the early 1990s. He has since parlayed this style into tattoos and established an international lifestyle brand, Ignorant People, and has worked with numerous other brands and individuals to spread his message of “insanity”. In addition to his tattoos, Fuzi has also gained a loyal following in Los Angeles, and has tattooed celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Justice.