Ignorant Tattoos

The ignorant tattoo was born out of French graffiti artist Paris Fuzi Uvtrk, who was part of an ultra-violent anti-capitalist group. Ignorant tattoos have been exposed in a number of venues, including the Tattoo Redo -Netflix Bad Tattoo Walk. They have been involved in vandalism, defacing property and trains.


A simple tattoo of ignorant people can be both a satirical and a very humorous design. The style tends to be simple and feature minimal colour. This style is especially popular among younger generations, who often have less serious attitudes towards tattoos. There are several safety and health concerns with this style, so it is a good idea to go to a reputable tattoo artist and use sterilized equipment.

A simple tattoo of ignorant people is a fun and humorous way to show your unique personality. You can choose to have the face of an ignorant person inked on your arm or thigh. This tattoo style originated with French graffiti artist Fuzi UVTPK, and has since been copied by many other artists. However, it’s important to note that many people won’t immediately recognize the message behind the design.


A Bold Ignorant tattoo can mean many things depending on what you choose to have. Some people go for a traditional black and white tattoo design while others go for bold colors and patterns. Whatever you choose, an ignorant tattoo is sure to turn heads and start a conversation. If you are one of those people who likes to stand out in the crowd, consider getting one of these tattoos. Some popular designs include skulls, flames, roses, daggers, and crossbones.

A Bold Ignorant tattoo can be quite unique and not everyone can pull it off. To make the most of this tattoo, look for someone who specializes in tattoos in this style. Tattoo artists like Julia are able to create unique pieces for their clients. She is a Latinx tattoo artist in New York City who specializes in tattoos in the ignorant style. While these tattoos are not rude or vulgar, they often have a cartoon-like style with limited shading. The tattoo artist often finds her clients in East Side coffee shops.


The Minimalistic ignorant tattoo style is a simple and understated design that focuses on line work and minimal colour. Many of these designs are humorous and satirical. Since no one is responsible for their creation, this type of tattoo is a great way to express your individuality. This style is often very affordable and can be an excellent choice if you want a tattoo that stands out from the crowd.

The minimalist approach is a great choice for men who want something that will speak to them more. Smaller designs have a greater chance of creating a personal meaning for the person viewing them, and viewers are more likely to connect with a single image than a sleeve covered in colorful graphics. The most effective minimalist tattoos adhere to this mantra, resulting in a tattoo with a deeper meaning for the person wearing it.

No shading

The style of tattooing commonly known as the ignorant style is a very stripped down look, and it may not be suitable for everyone. This style, which is influenced by graffiti, eschews the concept of solid shading and perfect lines. Instead, it focuses on irony and humor, and often has no shading at all.

The style is not necessarily in poor taste; rather, it is more about irony and dry humor. It is a modernized version of the ironic design popularized by graffiti artists like Fuzi Uvtpk in the ’90s. In this style, graffiti artists use street art to create tattoos on people’s skin. If you’re curious about the style, you can view examples on Instagram. Four talented artists have embraced this style of tattooing.

No color

A no color for ignorant tattoo style has a simple design that focuses on line work with minimal colour. These designs are often satirical, but can be very meaningful as well. Their simplicity gives them a rebellious feel, without the need to make sure they are beautiful. Unlike other tattoo designs, an ignorant tattoo is more about rebelling against the rules rather than learning about them.

An ignorant tattoo is a welcome departure from traditional tattoo designs, where pretentiousness and a lack of creativity can detract from the initial drive to create. Many tattoo artists are aware of the technicalities of tattooing, but they purposely make a tattoo appear crude and naive in order to convey a message. Intense, yet simple, ignorant tattoos are popular with younger generations, who are less likely to be intimidated by the traditional stigmas attached to tattoos.

Dry humor

If you love dry humor and you want to make a statement, getting an ignorant tattoo is a great way to do it. Irrespective tattoos are a style that combines minimalist linework with irony and humor. This style has been around for a few years now, but is only recently starting to gain popularity.

In the past, people were hesitant to get tattoos because they were considered offensive. However, these days, skin art has become one of the hottest fashion accessories. Famous people like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and David Beckham have become fans of skin art. This new style of tattoo is defined by dry humor and cartoon illustrations.