How to Get to Bucheon Station in Seoul

There are several ways to get to Bucheon station. If you are planning a trip to Bucheon, you may want to take a bus to reach the station. Buses are available every 10 minutes. The station is located near the Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, which is located around 80m from the station. If you are traveling by bus, you can easily get to the hospital through the back entrance, which is located across the street from the General Sports Complex.


The Markets at Bucheon station are an underground shopping center with a Starbucks and an E-Mart. On the top floor, you can also find a Kyobo Book store. If you have a car, it will be easy to go to the Namdaemun Market from Bucheon Station.

The city has a rich cultural life. The Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra is located here, and the city has a history of supporting and promoting literature. In addition, the Bucheon Public Library has expanded its services. The Bucheon City Book Festival has become a major annual event in the area and has been a good way to boost the local economy.

Underground shopping center

In Seoul, there are plenty of underground shopping centers. Most of them are located in subway stations at transfer points. For example, Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center is next to Gangnam Commercial Center and meets with the New Bundang Line. The mall is open every day from 9am to 11pm and features around 200 stores. The underground mall is a good place to shop for stylish clothing.

Most underground shopping malls are open-spaced, so you can browse at your own pace. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find many pieces in the $10 range. However, you should be careful as many vendors sell imitation designer pieces, so bargaining is essential. Despite being underground, most underground shopping malls are open all year long.


Starbucks in Bucheon station shares the building with TGI Fridays, a fast food chain from the United States. The American chain was introduced in Korea in 1999 and now has over 200 stores. Its chief competitor in the Korean market is Dunkin’ Donuts. Both companies serve coffee and tea, but they are considerably more expensive than the traditional Korean tea house.

Kyobo Book store

If you want to buy a book in South Korea, Kyobo Book store is a good option. You will be able to find an enormous selection of books in this store. Besides books, they also sell stationery, office ware, and decorative items. This store is also a famous meeting place for locals and visitors.

This bookstore is one of the most popular in Korea, with more than 2.3 million books. It is always crowded with people looking for a good book to read. It also hosts a series of events such as author meet-ups and book of the month events. Other stores in the store include a character store, stationary store, and music store. It also has a foreign book corner, where you can find a variety of foreign-language books. You can even order a specific title at the counter.

There is also a large bus network in the area. If you want to explore the city, you can hop on a bus that connects to different parts of Seoul and the provinces. Alternatively, you can take the subway in Bucheon, which runs on Lines 1 and 7. In total, there are eight stations in Bucheon. The city is divided into two parts: the southern half of the city is called Sang-dong, while the northern half is known as Songnae.

Police station

The Bucheon station police station is located in Gyeonggi, Seoul. It is close to Jungdongyeonsae Hospital and Sinjung-dong Station. There is an underground railway, Seoul Subway Line 7, which stops about 130 metres away. The police station is also near the Bucheon fire station.