How to Get an Idol Tattoo

Getting an idol tattoo is a great way to show off your favorite idol! There are many different tattoo designs and styles to choose from. Here are a few examples of popular idols that you can get inked. For example, you can get Chaeyoung or Jungkook tattoos, or maybe even Yeri or Soojin.


TWICE’s Chaeyoung has gained a lot of attention due to an X-rated tattoo on his arm. The tattoo was revealed after the member of the boy group posted a picture of himself on a popular online community website. The image shows a naked woman with long hair and a chain around her arms and neck.

The tattoo is an extremely controversial one, as South Koreans consider tattoos to be rebellious. However, despite the controversy surrounding the tattoo, most netizens are not yet vocal about their feelings about Chaeyoung’s tattoos. While the tattoo may be provocative, it is a reflection of the idol’s character.


Jungkook is an idol with a tattoo collection that is growing by the day. There are currently around 24 tattoos on Jungkook’s body, but it’s likely that there are many more. In order to determine which tattoos are most symbolic, you’ll need to look at Jungkook’s zodiac sign.

The most famous tattoos on Jungkook include the ARMY symbol, a purple heart and a skeleton hand making the “rock on” gesture. This tattoo is meant to pay tribute to the BTS fan base.


Soojin has several tattoos, some of which are visible and some of which are not. She has a cherry on her waistline that fans have seen several times. She also has a moon and sun tattoo on her rib cage, which is visible only when she wears a crop top. Her left arm is also covered in tattoos, including a reminder to take care of herself. The smallest tattoo on her body is on her right ring finger.

Soojin has eight tattoos total, including a heart outline on her shoulder, a cross on her back, and a quote about self-love. The tattoos are small and delicate, and look stunning when taken from a back angle.


Recently, Red Velvet member Yeri got inked on her finger. The design is reminiscent of those seen on Taeyeon and Tiffany’s fingers. However, it seems Yeri got the tattoo after being inspired by her unnies. Nevertheless, she has been criticized for having such a racy tattoo.

Yeri is also known as a messy person, but she does have some fun! She is a fan of Snoopy, and she has collected a lot of things related to the cartoons. Yeri has also gotten into the acting industry and started in the web drama ‘Blue Birthday’ and drama ‘Mint Condition’. The sub-vocalist of Red Velvet is known for her cute and playful personality. She also has many fans who believe that she looks like the character Squirtle from Pokemon.


One of the most popular idols from South Korea, Taeyeon, has added a new tattoo to her collection. The idol, who is a member of the K-pop group Girls’ Generation, had the tattoo done at Playground Tattoo in Seoul. Playground Tattoo shared a picture of the tattoo, and added Taeyeon’s Instagram handle. The tattoo features the word “cool” etched behind Taeyeon’s neck. Fans are not exactly sure what the meaning behind this tattoo is, but there is also a symbol for the zodiac sign pisces.

Taeyeon’s tattoo has a meaning that is important to her. Her name means calm and serenity, and her initials are also included. She often shares pictures of her ink online, so it’s easy to see why she would want this tattoo.


Tiffany has numerous tattoos all over her body. Her tattoo artist has shared a photo of her latest flower tattoo on her fourth finger. She also recently got a tattoo on a man’s arm. Tiffany has a tattoo obsession and she loves getting inked! She is also known to have several small tattoos.

Tiffany has also starred in several commercials. Her first was for AT&T and featured a parody of Meat Loaf’s “Like A Lady” – “You Are the One.” The commercial was released in two versions: an extended music video version and a commercial edit. Tiffany later made a cameo appearance in the show How I Met Your Mother, appearing as a backing vocalist for a 1980s-themed music video. The song reached the top twenty and earned Tiffany a platinum record.

Maknae NingNing

Maknae NingNing, idol of aespa, has two cute tattoos. One is on her inner arm below the elbow, and it’s a red heart with what looks like Chinese hanja or kanji letters in the middle. Some people have speculated that this is a broken heart, but it’s hard to see in the picture.

Maknae NingNing is a singer from Korea, who is gaining popularity as a singer. She is currently in a trainee program at SM Entertainment, and is set to debut on AESPA in 2020. She is also a member of the SM Rookies, a group of trainees who have yet to make their debuts.