How to Find the Best Animation Shows For Kids on TV

If you want to watch your kids animated shows on TV, you can try any of the popular channels. Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, PBS Kids GO!, Nelvana, and many other networks are perfect for your youngster. You can also check out the best animation shows for kids on the internet. You can even make your own kids animated shows. This is an excellent way to bond with your kids and help them develop creative problem-solving skills!


Since its beginning as a cartoon studio in the early 1920s, Disney has become the world’s largest purveyor of children’s and adult entertainment. This company has diversified its offerings to include theme parks, television, radio, and stage performances. Some of its most popular movies have been adapted for the big screen. Below are some of the best examples of Disney animation for kids. Read on to discover why we should watch them together.

Dumbo: Another early Disney animated film, Dumbo is set in Miami and has its audience wander through the Everglades, where the circus train lands. Along the way, Dumbo encounters mountains and tunnels, including a cave in which he is trapped. In spite of the film’s overarching theme, the underage protagonist, Dumbo, is drunk and loses his memory of where he came from. Nonetheless, the film’s delivery location coincides with Walt Disney World.

Warner Bros. Discovery

With a $43 billion AT&T/Discovery deal, Warner Bros. has cut a direct-to-stream sequel to Scoob! to save money. The network has confirmed the animation will be cut, but didn’t elaborate on which shows are affected. The network owns several big players in the kids animation space, including Disney and Cartoon Network. But, it’s unclear if the cuts are permanent or temporary.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Warner Bros. Discovery for kids, but the company is cutting some of its budget and restructuring its streaming strategy. It’s also bringing in more adult programming instead of focusing on children’s content. HBO Max and discovery+ will merge, and kids content is no longer a priority. But if you’re looking for something more entertaining for children, there’s no better place than Warner Bros. Discovery.

PBS Kids GO!

The former educational television brand PBS Kids Go! was known as a name that was used for programs aimed at preschoolers and early elementary-aged children. In its final days, the name was discontinued. The name PBS Kids was rebranded as PBS Kids Go!, but its educational content remains the same. The primary difference is the programming target. Preschoolers and early elementary-age children are most likely to benefit from PBS Kids Go!.

As a member of PBS, the channel produces content for children that supports early childhood development. These programs are developed by award-winning producers and advisors and carefully tested by PBS KIDS to ensure appropriateness and effectiveness. As a member of the PBS network, the station’s programs are trusted education partners in their communities. To achieve this goal, the program offers content that helps young children develop academic and social-emotional skills.


Nelvana is a Canadian animation studio, owned by Corus Entertainment. They specialize in animated shows for children, ranging from Max and Ruby to Agent Binky. Their titles have earned critical acclaim and devoted fans, and are known for capturing the hearts of children of all ages. Despite their reputation for being educational, Nelvana rarely creates original characters. Instead, they adapt popular children’s books.

Nelvana Animation is based in Toronto, Ontario, and has international offices in France, Japan, and Ireland. They specialize in children’s animation, but they also make movies and television series for adults. Some of their popular series have been adapted into live-action films. For instance, the Nelvana Animation Company has produced an adaptation of Nancy Drew, a popular children’s book series.


BBC animation for kids has a logo that appears on the television screen and is animated. The logo is created from plastic toys. The children create an igloo in the background of the ident, which was first used for Christmas, but later edited as part of the set. Most idents end with two-dimensional animation, though some have a live-action element. The music used varies from variant to variant. Here are some of the most notable ones.

The BBC’s Animation for Kids initiative is a pilot scheme designed to foster the next generation of UK animators. Through this scheme, the BBC hopes to develop UK animated properties for CBBC. The ambition of the scheme is to develop comedy series with an international appeal. The programme will be made for kids from seven to 12 years old. A successful applicant will have a chance to work with a BBC production team and receive funding to produce their show.


In 2005, ITV decided to cut its children’s output. The reason was the increasingly competitive production environment. The company has since denied this and stated that it is committed to continuing to make children’s programming. Nevertheless, the axe is set to fall soon. The new channel is expected to debut within six months. The new channel will be available on Freeview and will feature original content and co-produced shows. It will be available to watch on all platforms.

One of the best known shows on ITV for children is Junior Showtime, a popular British children’s variety show. It ran on ITV from 1969 to 1974. It featured a quirky schoolteacher and a magical school bus. The programme also featured sci-fi series such as Ivor the Engine. It was produced by Yorkshire Television. The animation was a hit. The series was also a huge hit in the UK.