Handpoke Artists

Stick and poke tattoos are a type of temporary tattoo. These tattoos are temporary, but they can be very personal. Handpoke artists have unique skills that they can use to create unique designs. These tattoos are created by hand and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Safa Simranh

Safa Simranh is a full-time stick and poke artist with a diverse client base. She also curates a hemp tattoo aftercare program. She sees handpoke as an extension of her art practice, and began experimenting with it while in lockdown. Since then, she has fused handpoke with her other art forms. Simranh studied at art school, and has always loved to create art.

Mag Haener

Mag Haener is a University of Idaho student who started her handpoke tattoo business last year and currently operates out of her home. She first tattooed friends in November 2016 and is now open for appointments. Since then, she has become a very popular handpoke artist in the area.


Shivani is a handpoke tattoo artist based in Mumbai, India. Her art explores the idea of timelessness in human life. Her tattoos vary from simple dots to intricate designs. Shivani’s inspiration is from her own experiences and the art of her contemporaries. She has toured the country performing her art and has influenced many people.

She has honed her skills in a professional environment and has been promoting hand poke tattooing for four years. She has trained more than 400 people to perform this type of tattooing. She also studied at the School of Arts Institute of Chicago, an art college that offers a wide variety of degrees and specializations.

Habba Nero

Habba Nero is a machine-free tattoo artist from Iceland. She has travelled to many countries, and draws her inspiration from nature and animals. She favors the stick-and-poke method for tattoos because it is less invasive and carries fewer risks of infection.

Habba specializes in handpoked tattoos, and is based in Reykjavik. Her tattoo designs are inspired by nature and the old Norse runes. She has a website where you can see her work. She will also answer your questions about her work.

Habba Nero is an Icelandic tattoo artist who studied at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. She only uses her hands for tattooing and uses a special tattoo tool that she made herself. She enjoys working with nature, especially birds, and enjoys drawing and tattooing stencils.