Greek Mythology Tattoos

If you are looking for a unique tattoo design, consider Greek mythology. The Greek gods and goddesses are popular choices for a tattoo. The goddess Athena is considered the goddess of wisdom. The gods of light and fire include Apollo and Hephaestus. The god of the sea is Poseidon.

Athena is a goddess of wisdom

The myths surrounding Athena are endless. She is the patroness of crafts and a personification of wisdom and righteousness. She was also the protector of Perseus during his impossible task of killing the giant serpent, Medusa. In gratitude for Athena’s help, Perseus offered his head to Athena, who then placed the head on her breast plate.

Apollo is a god of light

Apollo is one of the most popular gods in Greek mythology. He is a god of light, the averter of evil, and the patron of the city of Delphi. He is also a god of poetry and knowledge. He was born on a floating island, Delos, and is one of the four Olympian deities.

Hephaestus is a god of fire

Hephaestus is a god of Greek mythology, and he was a god of fire and metallurgy. A brilliant blacksmith, he was known for his work at the forge. He made many important weapons for other gods, including Achilles’ shield and Hermes’ helmet. His tools were forged in a workshop under the volcano Mount Etna in Sicily.

Poseidon is a god of the sea

Poseidon tattoos are often very detailed, so you should make sure you find a tattoo artist that specializes in doing such designs. It’s also a good idea to find someone who has done some good ones before. Tattoos of this god of the sea are in style right now, and you’re not likely to regret getting one.

Hestia is a goddess of childbirth

The Greek goddess of childbirth, Hestia, is the goddess of pregnancy and childbirth. She was worshiped by women and men, and her cult was primarily domestic and private. In ancient Greece, her worship was also influenced by political matters, and Dionysus of Halicarnassus wrote that her cult was overseen by the polis. Formal worship of Hestia was often concentrated around the prytaneum, a communal hearth.

Hestia is the twin sister of Athena

In Greek mythology, Hestia is the twin sister of Athina, the goddess of wisdom and war. During her youth, she accidentally killed her close friend Pallas during a martial exercise, so she added “Pallas” to her name to express her grief. She is a fierce warrior, but remains a virgin to this day. She is not easily moved by love. She repelled the god Hephaestus when he tried to defile her. Hephaestus then dropped his semen on the Earth and the goddess Gaea became pregnant with Erichthonius, which was taken as her foster son.

Ares is a god of war

In Greek mythology, Ares is a god of war. His name implies his Mycenaean origins, but his reputation for brutality suggests his Thracian heritage as well. The Greeks and Scythians both worshipped Ares as their primary god, and some cities held annual festivals honoring him. The Scythians, for example, ritually killed one prisoner of war as a sacrifice to Ares. The Spartans also believed in human sacrifices to Ares.

Ares is the lover of Aphrodite

If you’ve ever wanted a tattoo of Ares, the Greek god of war, you can get one with a realistic look. Tattoo artist Doug Burkmire creates beautiful tattoos in black and gray. Morgan, who works at East Side Tattoo in London, got an Ares tattoo with a realistic design.

Zeus is a god of the sky

A Zeus tattoo can be a unique design, with a wide range of options. Some depict Zeus in a throne position, which emphasizes his omnipotence. Others depict him with all-white eyes or striking blue ones. Either way, a Zeus tattoo can help you express your independence.