Greek Mythology Tattoo Designs

Greek mythology tattoo designs are filled with symbolism and meaning. From deities to goddesses, each part of a tattoo can have a personal meaning. Tattoo artist may also use colors to create a dramatic effect. Some tattoo designs depict portraits or 2D drawings of the characters. Some tattoo designers choose to use the colors of a particular god or goddess to create a unique look.


The goddess Athena in Greek mythology is the perfect symbol for a forearm tattoo. She is paired with an owl, which represents wisdom and inner power. The tattoo is detailed, precise, and symbolic. It also conveys a strong message about the importance of justice.


A Medusa in Greek mythology tattoo is a striking tattoo with many meanings. These tattoos can be designed to symbolize a variety of things, from jealousy to evil, the cycle of life to female strength. A Medusa tattoo is often completed in black ink for a dramatic and moody appearance. It is also a good choice for those who want a minimalist tattoo. However, keep in mind that color tattoos fade faster than black ink, and black designs are often more restricted in placement.

Athena tattoo

Getting an Athena tattoo in Greek mythology is an excellent way to celebrate this goddess’ strength and wisdom. As the custodian of wisdom and warfare, Athena was a woman of strength and endurance who guided men into combat with a strong arm and a sound mind. An Athena tattoo reminds you that strength is nothing without intelligence and that you should never waste either one.

Ares tattoo

Ares is one of the Greek gods of war. He represents the brutality and spirit of battle, which is why he was never particularly popular in ancient Greece. Ares is often depicted holding a shield, a spear, or a helmet. If you are looking for a tattoo of this Greek god, consider getting it in color.

Hades tattoo

In Greek mythology, Hades is the underworld’s ruler. A majestic God, he rules over the dead, darkness, and wealth. Hades is also known as “The Infernal Zeus.” Hades is often recognizable by his chariot, bident, and Cerberus. He can also be identified by his scepter.

Poseidon tattoo

A tattoo of Poseidon in Greek mythology is a popular choice for men. This classic mythological figure has many different meanings, but in general, a tattoo of this Greek God symbolizes strength, courage, and power. Tattoos of this powerful sea god are also a good choice for men who want a unique tattoo that represents their faith.

Hermes tattoo

If you’re looking for an eye-catching tattoo, a Greek mythology Hermes tattoo is a great choice. The winged god symbolizes speed, freedom, and restlessness. Hermes was the fastest messenger, able to convey messages between the underworld, mortal world, and the divine realm. The Greek god was also associated with a rooster and a satchel. His tattoo is often located on the ankle, a representation of the restless soul seeking freedom.

Centaur tattoo

Centaur tattoos are a great choice for someone who wants a tattoo that represents their strength, courage, and virility. Whether you are a woman or a man, a centaur tattoo is perfect for you. This half-horse, half-human creature represents animal instinct and untamed mind. A Greek mythological centaur tattoo is the perfect choice for someone who wants to show off their bravery and independence.