Ghosts in the Shinbi Apartment

If you’ve ever wondered if there are ghosts in the Shinbi Apartment, you’re not the only one. After moving into their new apartment, siblings Doori and Hari began to notice an unsettling vibe. They wondered whether they’d be living with ghosts, or if the apartment was just haunted. Here, they share their experiences with ghosts and other mysterious happenings at Shinbi Apartment.


The Shinbi Apartment is a Japanese animated TV series that features a cast of positive characters. Despite the underlying message of the show’s characters, Shinbi Apartment still maintains a strong message against violence and other negative aspects of life. The series has four seasons, with a total of 20 to 26 episodes per season. Compared to other anime series, this is still relatively short when compared to other television series.

The two main characters in the series are Doori and Hari, who live in a haunted apartment. They befriend the goblin Shinbi, who feeds off the magical energy in Shinbi Apartments. Hari and Doori can see ghosts, and Shinbi gives them Ghost Balls to fight off ghosts. They then protect their neighbors and help ghosts cross over. Shinbi also makes it clear that he’s an enemy of the Underground Nation, and that he won’t tolerate such behavior.


The Haunted House is a South Korean anime series about a 102-year-old goblin named Shinbi, who promises to grant the desires of two young children when they ascend into ghosthood. The siblings Hari and Duri live together with Shinbi in his apartment and work to protect the apartment from ghosts. They also learn to summon ghosts, cross over, and protect each other. This is just one of the many plots of the series.

Ghost appearances

The series is populated with many different types of ghosts. There are several different types, and each of them has their own unique appearance and personality. One type is the Fat Purple Ghost, which appears as a hairless purple man with a sharp mouth. It can consume objects and ghosts, and even attaches invisible strands of slime to humans. It appears on random roads, and it marks people as his or her next meal.

Upon moving into the Shinbi Apartment, Hari and Duri meet the goblin Shinbi, a 102-year-old goblin. Shinbi promises to grant the siblings’ wishes once they reach the ghost realm. These siblings are a pair of misfits, and they have to deal with a ghost that keeps showing up in every corner of the building. In addition to helping the children, the siblings must also protect their neighboring residents.

Four seasons

In the fourth episode of the manga, “Four Seasons in Shinbi Apartment”, Hari and Duri move to the Shinbi Apartment. There, they meet 102-year-old goblin Shinbi, who promises to grant them one wish each when they ascend the ghost world. The siblings are Hari and Doori Koo. When Shinbi sees Hari’s request, he decides to help her. Shinbi then grants them Ghost Balls, allowing them to summon spirits to protect them and cross over.

While the series is mostly humorous, there are plenty of positive messages and characters to appreciate in this drama. In fact, it is one of the highest-rated shows on CJ ENM Tooniverse, so you’re sure to enjoy it. It’s also available on Netflix, the leading streaming service in the U.S., which has 83 episodes. The series is aimed at a younger audience, with the main character Hari being 13 years old. Hari also loves cheerleading sessions with Ingrid Harper and Sandra Larson.