Getting an Insanely Ignorant Tattoo

An ignorant tattoo is a design that focuses on line work and minimal colour. These designs are often satirical, but can also be very meaningful. They don’t involve any middlemen. They are also very simple. If you are getting one, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for, so you can get the best outcome.


Fuzi UV TPK is a Paris-based graffiti and tattoo artist best known for his Ignorant Style tattoos. The artist has won over many fans for his unique style and has even created an apparel line. Currently, he is making his way across the globe to spread his work.

Unlike the traditional tattoo style, ignorant tattoos don’t include color. Instead, they are mostly black line work with very few details. These tattoos are typically satirical, but can also be very meaningful. Irrespective tattoos are considered a rebellious type of design because they are intended to be ironic and akin to graffiti art.

The original ignorant tattoo style came about as a reaction to the growing trend of standardization in tattoo art. FUZI wanted a tattoo style that was “free from rules” and could show individuality. The style combines the street art aesthetics of NYC with the freedom to express oneself.

French graffiti artist

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo, consider a French graffiti artist’s ignorant tattoo design. This style is characterized by minimalist colour palettes and simple line work. The designs are often satirical and can have a meaning beyond the superficial. They are also a great way to express yourself without worrying about what others think.

This style of graffiti was pioneered by French graffiti artist Fuzi UV-TPK in the 1990s. The graffiti writer gained fame after tattooing actress Scarlett Johansson’s “Lucky You” rib tattoo, and he took a common insult and turned it into an artistic outlet. Fuzi explained that the style is about freedom of expression and a lack of rules. It’s also characterized by not-so-perfect letters.

Minimalistic designs

If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, but have been unsure of what style to choose, you may want to consider minimalist designs. These tattoos are typically small and have a powerful symbolism. For instance, if you care deeply about your life, a tattoo featuring your heartbeat may be just what you need. It symbolizes endurance, love, passion, power and persistence.

These designs are based on simple line work and minimal colour. They’re also typically satirical and can be quite meaningful. They’re also a nice break from the gate-keeping attitude of traditional tattoos.


If you have a tattoo, you might have noticed that there are a few small imperfections. These imperfections might make you feel self-conscious whenever you’re around other people. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel this way! There are a variety of ways to cover up these imperfections.

Dry humor

In the world of tattoos, one style of ironic ink is becoming increasingly popular: the ignorant tattoo. The style is characterized by its minimalist linework and the irony and humor that it carries. Though the ignorant tattoo has been around since 2012, it is only now getting more attention from tattoo enthusiasts.

The design of an ignorant tattoo is often inspired by the style of graffiti that is so common in NYC. It is meant to look like the work of a child who has just discovered a new art form. The tattoo is meant to look innocent and naive, and it is commonly comprised of simple cartoon illustrations and dry humor.