Get a Meme Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that’s full of meaning, you may want to consider getting a meme tattoo. These designs are symbolic of a particular time or place, or they can be a representation of the future of the Internet. Whatever you choose, a meme tattoo will be a unique and memorable addition to your body.

Y U NO meme

Although it may be hard to believe, a certain meme has made it onto the human body. One example is the Y U NO meme tattoo. This tattoo features an illustration of a guy with an angry look on his face. This template was adapted from a popular Japanese manga series called Gantz. This design has become a favorite among fans who want a tattoo with a unique meaning.

RIP Harambe

The RIP Harambe meme tattoo was inspired by the death of a gorilla at a Cincinnati zoo. Harambe was a 17-year-old gorilla who was violently taken down by zoo staff. The incident was captured on video by a YouTuber and went viral after it was published. The hashtag #Justiceforharambe was trending on Facebook. The petition asking for the child’s parents to be held responsible for his death was signed by 300,000 people. It was this saga that led to the creation of the RIP Harambe meme. The RIP Harambe tattoo depicts the picture of the gorilla with the caption “1 shot, one kill.” The tattoos are incredibly shocking, but there are no regrets.

This RIP Harambe tattoo is a wacky tribute to the gorilla who died after a child fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. It has a hysterical quality to it, but the death of the silverback has certainly made the image go viral. RIP Harambe tattoos have since become a popular trend on social media.

Picolas Cage

The Picolas Cage meme is a popular tattoo image. The image is a representation of Nicolas Cage, the cult hero of the movie Vampire’s Kiss. The actor is the star of this action movie and has earned an Oscar for his role. The movie has gained cult status even though it was terrible.

The actor has a number of tattoos on his body. One of his most famous tattoos shows him wearing a top hat. The actor is also known for having a lizard tattooed on his arm. Earlier, he allegedly said that he chose this tattoo to help him “claim” his body. It symbolized his initiation into manhood.

Chuck Norris

If you’re thinking about getting a Chuck Norris tattoo, you are not alone. This martial arts icon has become a cultural icon, and his recurring persona has led to many Internet memes. Memes are cultural items that people share online and are usually videos or images. They can also be spoofs of original media.

If you’re a Christian, a Chuck Norris tattoo can be an interesting way to spread your beliefs. While he’s a washed-up actor, Chuck Norris also believes in religion and is a member of the National Council on Bible Curriculum. Norris and his wife, Gena, are proponents of state-certified Bible courses in high schools across the country. He’s also a big believer in chemtrails, a conspiracy theory that claims the government sprays poisons from airplanes to alter climate.

This Is Fine

The infamous “This Is Fine” meme is not only funny, it’s also got a tattoo. One woman sported a tattoo of the character on her arm. The image is a cartoon of a dog, engulfed in flames. The tattoo was requested by a regular client who comes to the tattoo shop once a month. O’Dea was not surprised at all when she saw the photo, as she’s seen many other “nerdy” tattoos on her clients.


Despite its infamous nature, the Y U NO meme has made it to the human body. The acronym stands for “Why you no” and the image features a guy in a rage. This template was originally used in a Japanese manga series and has been a common image in many memes. This guy had the image permanently inked on his body. The image is now one of the most recognizable tattoos of all time.

You must be new here

“You must be new here” is a popular meme that refers to people who are new to the community. This saying can be used to mock people who make redundant or unrelated comments, and it is often accompanied by a hilarious choreography. The phrase has been used in many online communities, including social networking sites, blogs, and TV shows.