Famous Tattooists

Famous tattoo artists have a way of inspiring people with their work. Tattoo artists whose work you admire can help you choose a great design for your body. Listed below are some of the best in the world. Read on to learn about their work and what sets them apart from their competitors. These tattoo artists use unique and creative designs to create amazing tattoos. They can create a design that expresses your personality. There are many different ways to choose a tattoo design, but there are some that are more popular than others.

Mike Bellamy

Famed tattoo artist Mike Bellamy has worked in New York for more than two decades. Originally from Denver, he moved to New York City more than 22 years ago. After studying illustration at Parsons School of Design, Bellamy began tattooing in NYC. He attended tattoo societies at places like CBGB’s Gallery. The two men soon became close friends, and the tattooing community in New York exploded.


Tattoo artist Christ the famous tattooist works primarily on single needle artwork, geometric designs, and black and grey realism. His work is well regarded and he continues to build his portfolio. Tattoos by Christ show a unique connection with his clients and are incredibly detailed. Those who have tattoos done by Christ are often drawn to his style and feel that he has an incredible connection with people. It’s no wonder his work has received worldwide attention.

Artur Zmijewski

It’s hard to miss the iconic tattoo of 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Jozef Tarnawa. The tattoo, which is faded and dirty from age, is a symbol of a man’s resilience and courage. When Zmijewski meets him in a tattoo parlor, he tries to convince the old man to have it updated. Although it’s faded, Tarnawa can still tell the story behind it.


If you’re looking for an original, clean, and unique tattoo design, you’ve come to the right place. Suflanda has over 400k Instagram followers and a website showcasing all of his latest work. You can also check out his tattoo studio, Redwood Tattoo, and Johnny Gloom on Facebook for more information. Johnny Gloom works out of a private studio in Paris and specializes in erotic tattoos.

Rich Mingins

In the early 1900s, tattoo artist Rich Mingins ran a small studio with his father and brother. As a master tattoo artist, Mingins collected newspaper cuttings and photos of tattoos. This photo album captures the history of tattooing from 1922 to 1949. While it lacks any chronology or specific dates, the scrapbooks do provide a glimpse into the world of tattooing during this time period. However, they also lack commentary that may have been written by the artist himself.

Miek Bakatay

Tattoo artist Miek Bakatay began inking more than two decades ago. Raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, he worked alongside his father, Mike Bakatay, at the time of the tattoo ban. Together, they opened their own studio, Fineline Tattoo, in 1997. Today, Bakatay is known for his contemporary American style tattoos, which often feature Japanese influences. His work has been shown in numerous galleries, as well as being featured on television shows like The Learning Channel.

Thomas Hooper

The style of famous tattooist Thomas Hooper is one of a kind and can cost thousands of dollars for the finest pieces. The work ethic of this renowned artist is based on his mentor’s words, and he tries to improve the industry by giving back to his peers and by inspiring them. His unique style of tattooing has been making waves in the industry, and his clientele goes to great lengths to have their body art done by him.

Alisa Bugashova

Born in Russia, Alisa Bugashova began making tattoos in early 2010. She quickly advanced her skills and began collaborating with studios all over the world. She once heard that she couldn’t draw a straight line, so she studied a lot to perfect her linework. Her favorite things include vintage postcards, Ivan Chai Tea, and oriental cats. In addition, she is a big fan of the movie “Road to Chinatown.”


Born in the United Kingdom on April 20, 1989, famous tattoo artist Cally-Jo is one of the most sought-after artists. Although she started drawing at a young age, she soon moved on to studying fine art at the Winchester School of Art. After six years of studying art in England, Cally-Jo switched his focus to tattooing. She began working as a tattoo artist in Southampton, England. She inked her first tattoo at the age of 18 and became a member of the prestigious Guild of Tattoo Artists.