Famous Street Artists

Street Artists are a group of artists who use public space to express their creativity. Some are outspoken and criticize the establishment while others express their frustrations through public art. Whether it’s a political statement or a simple inspirational message, street artists inspire and provoke. To make their point, they often paint the bare walls of buildings.

Arturo Vargas

Street artist Arturo Vargas’s work can be seen in the Dallas area, as well as in other places in the United States. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Vargas dropped out of school during the Depression. He later began working as a mechanic. He was skilled enough to repair just about anything with a screwdriver or hammer.


Banksy is a pseudonymous street artist, political activist, and film director. While his real identity has never been revealed, speculation is rampant about his past and present. Although the artist works mostly in the UK, his work has been featured throughout the world. His work is known for its witty and provocative messages.

Banksy’s works are often layered stencils combined with various mediums. He also often incorporates existing objects onto his canvas, transforming them into eye-catching street art installations. His art often combines dark humour with messages about politics, art, philosophy, and other topics. He’s also known for the controversial nature of his work, which often features messages pertaining to capitalism, hypocrisy, and war.

The London-based street artist has a diverse range of themes in his work. His most recent work criticises the recent Global surveillance revelations. He uses policemen in his work to mock the police, using them as a humorous prop to make people question the ethics of police. He also shows the human side of policemen, and the strong bond between policemen and their partners.

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is a street artist, a social activist and a part of the Street Art movement. His work blurs the line between traditional and commercial art, creating a bold and often controversial statement. His art is a form of protest that challenges public authorities and advertisers. Fairey often alters billboards and road signs to raise questions and inspire discussion.

Despite his popularity, Shepard Fairey still has to battle the long arm of the law. He has been arrested on numerous occasions and taken to court for questionable use of images. One of his famous works is an unauthorized portrait of President Obama, which Fairey distributed all over the United States without crediting the photographer. His legal battles have fueled the popularity of his work and increased visitors to his exhibitions.

Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra is a street artist who began his career at the young age of 11 in So Paulo. Since then, he has painted more than 3,000 murals across five continents. His work has been featured in magazines and on the walls of museums and private residences. The street artist is also a sought-after guest speaker on the subject of art.

Born in a poor neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Eduardo Kobra has become one of the world’s best-known street artists. He began as a graffiti artist in his hometown and soon developed his own unique style. His most recent work includes a John Lennon mural in Bristol, England, which he created in the city’s Upfest street art festival.


Street artist Blu began his career by spray painting and later began using extended telescopic sticks to paint murals. His work was bold and dramatic, often resembling the style of comic books and video games. His early career was influenced by collaborations with other street artists, as well as camaraderie and teamwork. He also experimented with digital animation.

As a result, his work has appeared in various locations around the world, including Western Europe, Mexico City, the West Bank, and Guatemala. Blu is also an artist who rejects the standard practice of working for galleries and instead sells prints of his work on the streets of cities around the world.