Doodle Tattoo Artists

A doodle tattoo artist typically works with a stencil. The stencil is lightly pressed onto the area to be tattooed, and the artist uses a tattoo needle to trace over the stencil with ink. The end result is a tattoo that resembles a temporary tattoo, but is permanent.

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez is a tattoo artist who hails from Brooklyn, NY. She specialized in doodle tattoos in a style that evokes whimsical imagery and simplistic lines. Her work evokes an air of childlike clumsiness while still being complex, vibrant, and detailed. Martinez is a self-taught tattoo artist who is also a part of the worldwide tattoo community.

Despite her varied experience and artistic style, Laura Martinez is still one of the most talented artists around. She worked in the luxury fashion industry in Paris before finding her passion for tattooing. Eventually, she met Sam Perry, an experienced tattoo artist, and the two co-founded Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in New York. They later moved back to France and started a family. Martinez has a Masters Degree in Product Design from ENSAD.


A Suki doodle tattoo artist’s work is very unique. While most of the artists in this genre are known for dark, intricate lines, Suki is known for using a freehand style. This is one reason why her tattoos are so incredibly realistic. You’ll stop to stare when you see her work.


If you’re interested in getting a tattoo, Rita Doodle Tattoo Artist is an artist you should check out. This self-taught artist has become a prominent figure in tattoo culture. Her style has been compared to sketch art and has been called illustrative. Her work emotes empowerment and is often described as surreal magic.


Gabby is a tattoo artist specializing in full-color tattoos, and she has been tattooing for over a decade. She also creates whimsical magical merchandise for her Etsy store, Rainbow Land Tattoo. Outside of tattooing, Gabby enjoys arts and crafts, antique hunting, and hanging out with her dog, Winnie. She has a tattoo studio located on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown, Minneapolis, called Rainbow Land Tattoo.

Gabby and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, got matching tattoos for their fingers last year. The tattoos were a tribute to the love they shared. The tattoo artist used cursive writing to spell out “Let It Be.” The couple later went on a road trip to Florida, where they discussed their relationship. The tattoos were designed to symbolize their relationship and travel. Gabby also has a zodiac sign inscribed on her pinky finger.

Gabby’s Instagram feed

Since Gabby Nikolle’s death, many people have been taking to her Instagram to pay tribute and express their feelings. However, there have also been some questions about her final few posts. She had been documenting her road trip with short captions and location tags. Her last few posts, however, were inconsistent with her usual posting style. They included longer captions and hashtags, both of which raised suspicions amongst fans.

One of Gabby’s most recent posts shows her posing with a butterfly mural and a knitted pumpkin. Unfortunately, the location of the posts is unknown. In addition, her hair appears to have been dyed recently.