Doodle Tattoo Artists

A doodle tattoo artist uses a stencil to create a doodle tattoo. The stencil is lightly pressed onto the area to be tattooed, and the tattoo needle is then dipped into ink to trace the stencil over the area. The results are similar to temporary tattoos but last forever.

Ylva Elhammer is a doodle tattoo artist

Ylva Elhammer is based in Seattle, Washington. She’s a non-binary transgender artist who moved to the Seattle area from Chicago in 2015. She’s always dabbled in art in many mediums, but found tattooing to be a unique way to express themselves and connect with people. Ylva draws her inspiration from nature, science, and the uncanny valley. She also enjoys long walks with her dog Spaghetti.

Ama Kwarteng’s style is primitivism

Primitivism is an emerging trend in modern fine art that draws inspiration from the art of primitive cultures. The style features imagery and motifs associated with primitive art and its great visual power. Its popularity started in the 1890s, when French artist Paul Gauguin used the style in his Tahitian paintings. It has been a popular style among the Expressionist avant-garde.

Diki’s style is thin and small

If you’re looking for a design that is thin and small, you might want to get inked by the Seoul-based artist Diki. Also known by her alias Playground, Diki specializes in small-scale, fineline quotes, botanicals, and micro portraits. Though Diki has been tattooing for more than five years, she says that it’s best not to take things too seriously.

Ziggy’s style is primitivism

Ziggy is a self-effacing tattoo artist who pours his emotions into his work. His tattoos feature bold brush strokes and vibrant colors. He has called his style primitivism, and his pieces also have semi-abstract qualities. His influences include the work of artists in various genres, including traditional and modern art.

Rita’s style is lifelike

Born in Singapore, Rita Samtani studied art in Japan and Hong Kong. Despite being self-taught, she had an impressive academic career. She earned a scholarship in mathematics. Rita’s style is a mix of abstract fusion and surreal indulgence, and she has mastered the use of mixed media. She has created paintings that portray powerful ideas.

Lara is a doodle tattoo artist

Lara Thomson-Edwards is a tattoo artist known for her unique style of combining vintage cartoons and Japanese iconography. Her unique style of tattoos is also known for its witty wit. In this interview, she talks about her artistic influences and how humor has become a vital part of the tattooing process.

Woojin Choi is a doodle tattoo artist

Woojin Choi is a tattoo artist from Seoul, South Korea. He creates works of exquisite detail in black and white, rarely using color to add realism to his pieces. The tattoos in his portfolio often echo traditional woodblock prints and feature macabre scenes. Woojin Choi is known for his work, and is a popular tattoo artist in South Korea.

Giorgia Mae is a doodle tattoo artist

Giorgia Mae is a talented tattoo artist who hails from Melbourne, Australia. She has been in the industry since 2012, working at Hibernia Tattoo in Surry Hills. She is also a member of the Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew. Giorgia draws inspiration from her Scottish heritage. She compares her family’s bond to that of a wolf pack.