CJ Logistics Uses Oracle Cloud Service and SVT Robotics to Automate Sales Force

South Korean integrated shipping and logistics company CJ Logistics operates in 155 cities in 40 countries and uses Oracle Java Cloud Service to capture data from legacy ERP systems. The company also uses SVT Robotics to automate its sales force. Here are a few of the key benefits of using these technologies. Read on to learn more. Also check out our CJ Logistics blog for more interesting stories. We are constantly improving and creating new solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

CJ Logistics is a South Korean-based integrated shipping and logistics company

The company has grown to be the largest integrated shipping and logistic provider in South Korea. Its core competencies include contract logistics, freight forwarding, marine transport, international express, moving service, and SCM solutions. CJ Logistics has operations in more than 40 countries and operates 80 facilities in North America. Its services are geared to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and the heavy chemical industry.

In the $1 trillion global logistics industry, CJ Logistics is an early player, providing one-stop logistics services. It operates a hub terminal in Deajeon, a city at the crossroads of major transportation routes in South Korea. By integrating BDA into decision-making processes, CJ Logistics is able to maximize its overall efficiency and reduce costs. With this in mind, the company is currently implementing a pilot program at a hub terminal in Daejeon, South Korea.

It operates in 155 cities across 40 countries

Founded in 1997, CJ Logistics has distribution centers in 155 cities and 40 countries worldwide. They handle 38 to 40 million cases annually and use automated technologies to improve their warehouse operations. To date, the company has implemented automated technologies such as cellular robots, put-to-lights, and electronic pallet trucks. Automation can reduce touch points, travel time, and costs. CJ Logistics has also invested in vision-directed picking technology, which allows warehouse associates to communicate with the AMR using voice.

The company’s growth is largely due to its strong presence in North America. In 2018, it reported a 30% revenue growth rate, largely due to the 10 acquisitions it completed over the past seven years. CJ Logistics needed to consolidate its sales data across multiple systems, including the various ERP systems it uses to manage customer relationships. Sales reps spent hours searching for account records in spreadsheets and pulling credit ratings from external agencies, which was inefficient and time-consuming.

It uses Oracle Java Cloud Service to capture data from legacy ERP systems

CJ Logistics, a fast-growing company in South Korea, is a one-stop logistics provider. In the last decade, the company has made 10 acquisitions and increased its revenue by 30%. Sales representatives previously spent hours searching through disconnected ERP systems, pulling customer invoice data from outside agencies, and relying on spreadsheets and manual entry to compile sales reports. Using an Oracle Java Cloud Service solution, sales reps now have real-time access to information, such as customer accounts and their credit rating.

By using eFLEXs, CJ Logistics has been able to reduce the time taken for system links between online shopping malls and delivery service providers. The company is also able to provide customers with more personalized customer service, thanks to features such as partial delivery and backorder management. This means that CJ Logistics can focus on product development, marketing, and customer management rather than on managing their inventory.

It uses SVT Robotics to automate its sales force

CJ Logistics needed to improve its operations by integrating mobile robots and autonomous lift trucks with other systems. To do this, CJ Logistics opted for a cloud-based platform that allows for easy integration with existing systems. Although integration is a dirty word in the industry, SVT Robotics has helped CJ Logistics achieve this goal. It has streamlined the process of implementing robotics for the company by reducing onboarding time and costs by up to 50%.

The company chose SVT Robotics for the Dallas-based distribution center after evaluating various solutions. The project was strategic and aimed at increasing throughput. CJ Logistics chose SVT Robotics because it was built by two former Swisslog executives who realized how difficult it was to integrate disparate systems. SVT Robotics helped solve this problem by automating non-value-added processes and allowing the sales force to focus on higher-value activities.