Celebrity Instagram – Behind the Scenes

Celebrity Instagram accounts are not all alike. While some have very artistic accounts, others are a more personal reflection of their personalities. For example, Ariana Grande’s Instagram offers a head-tilting view of her life. The royals have also made good use of Instagram, releasing new portraits on a regular basis. And comedian Kevin Hart has embraced the medium to document his career and family life while retaining his no-nonsense persona.

Lizzo’s Instagram is full of bold authenticity

Lizzo’s Instagram is a celebration of her bold authenticity. The singer often posts risque pictures of herself in support of body positivity. Fans gush over her posts, particularly pieces that show her loving herself. Her 1.1 million-like photo of herself kissing her mirrored image is a standout example of this.

While Lizzo is known for her bold authenticity, there are a few instances where she’s drawn criticism for her appearance. In December, she wore a dress that showed her thong. She also twerked on camera. These instances highlight the societal pressure to conform to the standards of other people.

The pop singer has a clear understanding of her polarizing nature. She has spent over five years recording music, and was once the darling of the indie music scene, a predominantly white demographic. Despite this, she’s redefining body image and using her stardom to help others.

Chrissy Metz’s Instagram is full of good vibes

There’s no doubt that Chrissy Metz’s Instagram is a place for good vibes. From the morning show to the end, her feed is packed with sweet memories. The young actress is a former Miss America and recently signed with Universal Music Group Nashville. She’s not just a rising star – she’s also a veteran of the industry.

The actress is currently dating composer Hal Rosenfeld, after ending her relationship with Josh Stancil eight months ago. Rosenfeld is a sweet guy who adores Chrissy Metz and is very into her. The two were seen holding hands at a jazz night at the W hotel in Hollywood.

Chrissy Metz is no stranger to a good vibe. She recently appeared on the Today show several times. She looked beautiful and talked about good news with Hoda Kotb and Jenna. Then, she closed out the show by singing “Talking to God.”

Eva Mendes’ Instagram is full of color

The actress is known for her colorful hair, and in the Instagram video below, she showed off a hair balm she uses to add a bit of extra color to her locks. This product comes from Hairstory. The actress also said that she uses it on her own hair, and then wraps it with a hair wrap.

Mendes has had many color changes in the past, including her hair. For years, she’s worn a reddish brown color, and in 2006, she briefly went blonde. In recent years, she has opted for more subtle changes. Her new hair color is inspired by something that will pop in sunlight. Her new look also has a ’90s influence, which is still very much alive in fashion and beauty.

Ariana Grande’s Insta-feed is blurry

If you follow the singer on Instagram, you may have noticed that the pictures are blurry. The singer responded to one of her fans with a blurry photo, and said that she is working on new music. However, what is going on behind the scenes? Let’s take a look.

Ariana Grande was filming a music video with 2 Chainz when the Instagram picture was taken. The two stars were performing ‘Rule the World.’ This background makes for a nice Instagram picture and fits in with Grande’s overall style. It is unclear what was going on behind the camera, but we do know that the stars looked stunning!