Celebrity Idol Tattoos

Billy Idol is an English singer, songwriter and actor who first gained fame as part of the punk rock group Generation X. Later he started his solo career. He was also one of the lead artists of the MTV’s “Second British Invasion.” Billy has two tattoos of his own: one of an idol and the other a crescent moon.

Hyuna’s tattoo is a tribute to her father

Hyuna has many tattoos on her body, including a colorful line of smileys down her right wrist. The tattoo is a tribute to her late father, who was born in 1960. Hyuna also has a tattoo of Saturn and stars on her left arm, a red heart behind her right ear, and a red tulip on her left index finger.

Hyuna was born with several health problems. She had to spend the first year of her life in an incubator, and another year later underwent another major surgery. Her tattoo covers up the scar that she has on her abdomen, and she says that having the tattoo gives her more confidence. Meanwhile, Tiffany has small tattoos on her ankles, but she rarely talks about them. However, fans are happy to see her tattoos.

Jimin’s tattoo is a tribute to his mother

BTS’s Jimin debuted his latest tattoo at a concert in Seoul on March 10. The tattoo is a crescent moon, which fans have speculated could be phases of the moon. According to sources, Jimin was inspired by a fanart. A fan of BTS sent Jimin a picture of a crescent moon, which he used to get a tattoo of the same design.

Fans of BTS have been speculating for a while about the reason for Jimin’s tattoo, but it seems like a tribute to his mother. Fans were thrilled to see Jimin’s mother’s design on his finger. Fans have flooded the social media sites with their love for Jimin and his bandmates.

Tiffany Young has an idol tattoo

After leaving the SNSD, Tiffany Young has been working as a tattoo artist in New York. Tiffany recently inked the arm of a tattoo artist named Jonathan Valena. He shared the tattoo with fans on Instagram. The tattoo is a tribute to Tiffany’s artistic skill, and the reaction was positive. Apparently, Tiffany Young loves tattoos. She’s got several on her body, including an idol tattoo.

Tiffany’s tattoo depicts the name of her idol. This was the first tattoo Tiffany Young had, and it has become her most recognizable part of her personality. It’s an example of her dedication to the arts and her determination to succeed in her career. In 2007, Tiffany signed a recording contract with 10 Spot Records, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group. She released two albums under this label: Just Me and Feels Like Love. Both albums were singer-songwriter releases. Tiffany’s single “Higher” was released on October 2, 2007 and debuted on the Billboard Dance Chart. The song charted at No. 19, making Tiffany Young a chart-topper.

Kim Lip has a crescent moon tattoo

Kim Lip is not the only celebrity with a tattoo. Inked on her right index finger, the crescent moon is also a symbol for her love. Her tattoo is related to the meaning of her ring, which is shaped like a crescent moon. The star is also known to have two other large tattoos on her body, which have meanings related to healing and love for her older sister. The third tattoo is a flower arrangement on her back, which symbolises happiness.

Taeyeon has a flower tattoo

Taeyeon’s tattoos are a part of her personal identity and the experiences she has gained as an idol in the industry. A faded rose is tattooed on her right shoulder, while a flower a couple of inches below her collar bones is another. The singer did not specify whether or not the tattoos were real, but a fan commented on her post and JonBoy Tattoo, who has tattooed Taeyeon before, confirmed that they were.

Other tattoos on Taeyeon include the names of her solo songs. On her right hand, she has an “I” and “F” for “Fine.” On her left hand, she has a pisces zodiac sign with a small fish. Taeyeon is the second most tattooed member of BIGBANG, after GD.