Catch! Teenieping Joahping

Princess Romi accidentally lets go of a magical fairy known as a Teenieping! Now, she and her friends are on a mission to find and catch every single one! Read on to discover the secrets of Teenieping! And don’t forget to follow along on social media! You’ll never know when a Teenieping might appear! And there’s no better way to find out what to do to catch one than with this fun book!


Catch! Teenieping Joahping is a new cartoon starring Shin Yongwoo. The show follows the adventures of a group of young princesses, led by Lena. Each Teenieping represents different feelings, and they all come with their own personalities. The series is set in a world where the princesses have to protect the royal palace from evil creatures. The characters are also divided into different tribes.

Joahping is a Jewel Teenieping, wielding the Emerald. The main character of season two, Joahping is friendly and warm. She likes to listen to other people’s stories and tends to forget the most important things. Joahping helps Romi transform into Princess Emerald by using her magic brush to control animals. As the main character of season two, she stays with her friend Romi throughout the series.


The jewel Teenieping of laughter is known as Teeheeping. It wields a sword named Ruby and is one of the main Teeniepings in the Catch! series. It’s extremely energetic, and helps Romi transform into the Princess Ruby. Teeheeping can summon objects and spread confetti to surprise opponents. Like the others, he is best friends with Romi, Joahping, and Trustping.


“Teeniepings” is an animated series featuring the twin characters Trustping and Teeheeping. They must help Romi save her friend from a horrible disease by finding the Jewel Tomato. Unlike other Teeniepings, they can talk to animals. Trustping is also a talented magician, with the ability to turn anything into a magical object. Trustping can use her magic umbrella to protect Romi from attack.

Teeniepings are magical fairies of the Emotion Kingdom, each one representing an emotion, concept, or idea and having a unique power. In Catch! Teenieping; text: Trustping, Romi must race against the clock to catch all the Teeniepings and unlock their power. As she works to catch the creatures, she learns that Teeniepings get kinder when they are caught.


Princess Romi accidentally released a magical fairies, called Teeniepings, into the wild. Now, she and her friends are on a mission to catch them all! This magical game will be a hit with kids of all ages! It’s the perfect time to learn a new skill, or to spend some quality time with friends! In the Catch! Teenieping game, your child will learn how to catch and protect Teeniepings!

The series is based on the toyline of the same name. It was first broadcast in 2020 and is now in its second season, Twinkle Catch! Teenieping. This show was first broadcast in Korean on JEI TV and has since been translated into English. It’s also available on various platforms in China. And if you’re interested in seeing this magical world, then you’ll want to keep up to date with the series’ releases!


The phrase “Happying when you catch a teeni” means “catch one and let it go.” It is used to celebrate catching a teenie, which is a magical ball of energy that bounces off walls. The first teenie to be caught in the game is a Dadaping, which means “right,” and the second teenie is a Gogoping, which means “courage” and is very athletic. The last teenie is a Trustping, which means “truth,” and is the youngest type of Teenieping.

The first teenie to be caught will have a power of “snap.” When a teenie is caught, it will become a happy one, and when the teenie is released into the air, it will be happier than ever! Happying when you catch a teenie is a great way to celebrate a magical moment in life, and it is an important part of the game.