BTS Tattoos – Jimin, Taehyung, and J-Hope Reveal Deeper Meanings

You may have seen the BTS members getting tattoos on their bodies. While Taehyung and Jimin are still hiding theirs on social media, the rest of the members have all been seen sporting their new inks. In fact, many of them already have a “7” tattoo on their bodies.


Taehyung has shared some of the latest images of his BTS tattoos on his Instagram account. While the ‘Boys’ member originally had the “Nevermind’ tattoo on his ribcage, the image has now become permanent. It was speculated by fans that he had gotten a new “Nevermind” tattoo last November, but Taehyung has yet to confirm it.


A tattoo on the arm of Jeon Jungkook may look a little naughty, but it has a deeper meaning. According to some, the tattoo represents divinity, truth, protection, clarity, and confidence. Tigers are also considered symbols of strength and power in Korea, and Jungkook may be representing those qualities in his tattoo.


The HYYH (Highest You’ve Ever Had) BTS member has a new tattoo on his finger. The tattoo was first spotted during a performance by BTS at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in December 2014, but was soon covered by hair. There’s no clear explanation for Jimin’s new tattoo, but some fans believe it is related to the group’s songs For Youth and Young Forever.

Jungkook’s tattoo

The mystery surrounding Jungkook’s tattoo is a fascinating topic. It seems that the singer has been getting ink for years, but has only been willing to show us parts of it. However, fans are still curious and want to know what it all means.

Jimin’s tattoo

One of the biggest mysteries in the BTS fandom was whether or not Jimin’s tattoo was real. The tattoo was spotted during BTS’ MGA performance in November, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether the design was actually permanent. After all, Jimin has had the same tattoo on his chest before.

J-Hope’s tattoo

J-Hope revealed the BTS tattoo on his ankle in a series of photographs. The tattoo features a “7” symbol and means “Friendship.” The number seven represents the friendship of members of the boy band. The image caught the attention of many fans, including ARMY.

Jimin’s new tattoo

BTS member Jimin has recently revealed a new tattoo on his arm. This tattoo features the word “youth” in multiple phases. It’s believed that Jimin got this design from a fan art he saw by Kim Taehyung. The design is said to be a reference to the BTS song “Youth,” as well as the group’s upcoming K-Drama.


If you’re a fan of the K-pop boy band BTS, then you’ve probably noticed Jungkook’s tattoo. It features the word “ARMY” with a line through it, as well as the BTS logo. Fans have speculated that it represents the band’s fandom.

emoji symbols

BTS member Jungkook has an emoji symbol tattoo on his middle finger. The emoji, called “woozy face,” represents tiredness, intoxication, and overwhelm. Some fans speculate that this is a reference to his fatigue.


One BTS member has an intricate tattoo on his finger: a crown. It represents royalty and power, and is inked with a scratchy approach. Fans have yet to agree on its exact meaning.