BTS Tattoo – Jungkook Has More Than Just a “J”

If you’re a fan of K-pop boy band BTS, you may want to get a tattoo of the group’s symbol. The band’s official logo is a trapezoid with two stripes. Many fans have this symbol tattooed on their bodies. The BTS ARMY has also designed a version with different stripes.

Jungkook has a lone “J”

While it’s still unclear what the meaning of Jungkook’s tattoo is, his tattoo is more than just a lone “J.” The tattoo is part of a complex tattoo he has on his shoulder. It also features an intricate design of his bandmates’ names.

The “J” is for “Jeon.” Apparently, he went to the tattoo parlor with a friend and ended up getting an ink done by this person. The two had chemistry and went home together. The tattoo artist and the singer quickly became fast friends.

Before being famous, Jungkook dreamed of becoming a professional badminton player. However, he’s since changed his plans and aims to own his own duck restaurant or tattoo parlor. In fact, he’s even gone on to cohost a K-pop convention in the Middle East. While there, Jungkook read a quote by a humanitarian about the importance of educating women.

Many have questioned Jungkook’s decision to have a tattoo. The K-Pop industry has a reputation for promoting and exploiting the sexual abuse of young artists. Many scandals have involved the exploitation of children and adolescents. Despite that, Jungkook has a lone “J” tattoo on his shoulder.

The tattoo is also symbolic of the group’s special relationship with the ARMY. Its design consists of seven animated characters created by members of the group. It’s also a symbol of hope for the band’s fans. The tattoo also features the plumeria flower, which adorns his Love Yourself album cover. The plumeria flower represents grace, positivity, and charm and can even symbolize new life.

Jungkook has a crown

The star of K-pop boy band BTS has many tattoos on his body. His tattoo collection is constantly growing, with 24 inks already. He may have more, but his choice of tattoos reveals a lot about his personality. His tattoos are connected to the things he loves, making them an excellent way to show his individuality.

One of the most notable tattoos on Jungkook is the BTS logo. It is a heart and it was inked last summer. It is believed to be a symbol of the band’s fandom. It also contains the letters “ARMY,” which stands for the BTS fandom. The tattoos also have inscriptions, including the “J” for Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope. The meaning of the other tattoos are not known, but they are viewed as a symbol of his love for BTS. In addition, he has a tattoo containing a quote from Nirvana’s “Stay Away,” which is his life motto.

The BTS member has a number of tattoos on his hand. On his right pointer finger, he has a crown tattoo. This is arguably the most noticeable tattoo on Jungkook, though ARMYs are not certain about its meaning. Another prominent tattoo on his hand is the “0613,” which fans believe is the date BTS debuted.

The BTS member also has a tattoo of ARMY. Although it is not clear exactly what that means, fans love the adorable symbols he has on his body. While the tattoo is not very detailed, it does signify his love for his fans.

Jungkook has a heart

During the rehearsal for the upcoming 5th Muster Magic Shop, BTS member Jungkook had more than one tattoo on his arm. While the meaning of his tattoo remains a mystery, fans speculated that it was a tribute to his love of music. It is hard to read Jungkook’s tattoo in glimpses, but fans believe it means “The most beautiful moment in life.” The heart tattoo is located under his elbow, in the same spot as those of his group members Mark and Yugyeom. The artist also has a treble clef tattoo on his bicep.

Another tattoo on Jungkook’s body is the “ARMY” symbol. The ARMY symbol is similar to BTS’s logo, but has a heart on it. Although it is unclear what Jungkook’s tattoo means, fans love the mystery behind it.

Jungkook started showing off his tattoos in season two of BTS. During that episode, he wore a short sleeve shirt that showed off his tattooed arm. His arm was covered with numerous artworks, including the words “ARMY” and “0613” – the date of his debut. His tattoo is so prominent that it even resembles his pocket watch.

Although tattoos are not illegal in South Korea, the practice is still taboo in the country. The procedure is classified as a medical procedure, and tattoos are strictly regulated by law. However, Jungkook’s fans have supported him despite the controversy surrounding the tattoos.