BTS Tattoo Ideas

If you love BTS, you may want to consider getting a BTS tattoo. Some members of BTS have unique tattoo designs. Some members have a ‘7’ tattoo on their body while others have tattoo designs that have different meanings. Here are a few ideas for a BTS tattoo.

RM’s ‘7’ tattoo

Recently, RM showed off a new tattoo on his ankle. He posted a photo of the ink on his Instagram story. The photo caused a lot of speculation regarding the meaning of the ink. Some fans think that RM’s tattoo is a reference to the BTS members and their friendship.

However, RM has not explained why he got the tattoo. The number “7” is a symbol of friendship. BTS was formed with seven members, and on June 13, they celebrated their ninth anniversary. The members of BTS have tattoos all over their bodies, although Jimin and Jungkook are the only two who don’t.

RM’s new tattoo seems to be a nod to the band’s seven members. The band’s name is also a reference to its seventh album, which was released earlier this year. The “7” tattoo is a tattoo of a friendship symbol and RM seems to have gotten it to show his friendship with BTS.

Soojin’s ‘youth’ tattoo

Soojin is a big fan of tattoos. The Korean singer has several tattoos on her body. Some are very small and dainty, such as an ID number on her neck. Another one is a small, dainty tattoo with her friend, “1849,” on her arm. Her tattoo is one of her favorites, and she likes to show it off in off-shoulder outfits. Soojin also has a tattoo that says “self-love is the best love” on her left arm.

Soojin also has two small tattoos on her rib cage, a cherry on her waistline, and a sun on her rib cage. Another tattoo is a letter A, which she got as a symbol for the diamond in the A card. She also has a small blue tattoo on her ring finger.

The youngest generation of idols is also getting tattoos. The word ‘K-Pop idol tattoo’ has become one of the most popular searches on the web, and many fans look for tattoo designs that resemble their idols. (G)I-DLE member SooJin has several tattoos on her body, including one that says her mother’s ID number, 1849. It’s a unique tattoo, which is not often seen.

Jimin’s ‘nevermind’ tattoo

Fans were surprised to see a ‘nevermind’ tattoo on Jimin’s chest during the K-pop star’s MAMA performance. Although the tattoo is fake, it means a lot to him. He derived strength from the song “Nevermind.”

Jimin has several tattoos on his body, but most of them are hidden and remain hidden under his clothes. One of them is the small number ’13’ on Jimin’s wrist, which is the date he was born, and it has a special meaning for him.

Earlier this year, eagle-eyed fans spotted two bandages on Jimin’s arms. Since the bandages were of skin tone, they were assumed to be bandages that cover up his tattoos on stage. However, some fans are speculating that the two bandages on Jimin’s arms were actually new tattoos.

The tattoo has multiple meanings, and Jimin has not publicly discussed the meaning behind it. Some fans believe that the tattoo represents his youth, and that he is trying to immortalize it. Others say the tattoo is related to his ‘For Youth’ and ‘Young Forever’ songs.

Jungkook’s’red-eye’ tattoo

It may be difficult to figure out what exactly Jungkook’s red-eye tat represents, but one thing is clear: the tattoo isn’t just a design. The singer’s tattoo symbolizes many different things, including trust, truth, and protection. The tattoo is also located on the rear portion of his body, which may indicate that he feels alert and safe.

Other tattoos on Jungkook include a skeleton hand making a “rock on” gesture, a purple heart, and the word ARMY across his knuckles. The tattoo also has a deep meaning and pays homage to his BTS fan base.

Despite his youth, Jungkook has multiple tattoos on his body. Although he’s still a teenager, his tattoos are getting older. He has a red-eye tattoo on his right hand and has also been getting pierced. The gif above was created by Seoul-based tattoo artist Polyc SJ. The words “Bulletproof” are also part of Jungkook’s tattoo.