BAEMIN is a new kind of food recommendation app. Basically, it recommends foods you should try based on their flavor profiles. Besides being easy to use, BAEMIN can also help you find great deals on the products you want. The app works best on iOS devices, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. If you’re looking for a fun way to learn more about food, download this app today. It’ll teach you about different food types, and you can even find recipes you can prepare yourself.

Business model

The concept for a BAEMIN food delivery service revolves around an online platform that connects users to local food stores. Users can pay using various methods, including e-wallets. The service charges 17,000VND for shipping and 2,000VND for service fees. Users can also receive coupons through the app. The business model aims to help merchants succeed in the fast food delivery market. However, a number of problems remain.

A BAEMIN application has a stylish UI, with a mascot that loads the application as you use it. The app lists food in eight categories, with options such as “Good Deal,” “Rice,” “Noodles,” “Drinks”, “Fastfood,” and a “Healthy” option. Using a map to search for restaurants, users can view the restaurants’ locations and select one that suits their needs.

Revenue model

The revenue model of BAEMIN is based on two main components: a merchant partner and a platform. The latter refers to the company’s employees who oversee and manage the operation of BAEMIN. The latter is responsible for the products and services the members supply to customers. The former also has the duty to comply with regulations that govern the operation of the platform. The latter involves an agreement between the members and the management of the company.

The “Slowly but surely” strategy of Baemin has worked well in Vietnam. The company started off by carefully training its rider team in each market, and then gradually expanded to other cities where demand for food delivery is high. In the case of Hanoi, the company started by expanding within the central districts. After that, it expanded to neighboring cities, offering discounts and coupons to attract more customers. This has allowed the company to earn a lot of money, despite the relatively low initial investment.

Marketing strategy

In order to expand into new countries, BAEMIN has a marketing strategy called “Slowly but surely”. The company plans to start off with Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, which has over 10 million people. At first, it will concentrate on the central districts, such as district one. As the company expands into other countries, it will launch promotions to attract new customers. Baemin also works with local merchants to provide them with the best service possible.

Vietnam is the hottest market in the region, with a market size of USD 523 million in 2020 and expected to reach $2,587 million by 2027, according to Euromonitor. The fast-growing population and the rapid expansion of smartphones are expected to spur the market into the top three in 2025. For BAEMIN, Vietnam will act as a bridge to other Southeast Asian countries. To achieve this, it needs to focus on ensuring that its food delivery service becomes a professional one.

Intellectual property

By using BAEMIN, you agree to comply with the regulations of the service, including terms and conditions and your legal obligations under current Vietnamese laws. In particular, you are required to keep your account information confidential, and you agree not to violate the privacy of others by using the service for illegal polls or unauthorized use. You also agree not to use BAEMIN for any unlawful purpose, including speculating or evaluating the market demand.

The intellectual property of BAEMIN includes patents, copyright, design rights, registered trademarks, service marks, and public ownership. In order to register on BAEMIN, you must meet legal requirements and be recognized by the management of WOOWA BROTHERS VIETNACOM LIMITED. If you use BAEMIN as a restaurant, you must follow the prevailing food safety regulations and provide high quality products and services.

User’s right to send questions, suggestions or reflect BAEMIN

By using BAEMIN, users agree to comply with its regulations. Users and restaurants must read and understand the legal responsibilities in Vietnam and make commitments to comply with the terms and conditions laid out by BAEMIN. After creating an account, users and restaurants must adhere to BAEMIN’s rules and regulations, including posting accurate information, ensuring privacy and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Once registered, users are only allowed to create one account. Customer accounts cannot be shared, transferred, or given to others. They cannot use previously disabled accounts and cannot log in from more than one device at a time.

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. If any material changes occur, the Company will make reasonable efforts to notify the User. However, users must review the Terms and Conditions frequently. Continued use of BAEMIN after the effective date of the amendments will be deemed acceptance of such changes. If a user wishes to file a claim, he or she must contact the Company directly or the relevant legal authority.